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Do dreams have symbol?

We see dreams while we sleep. What you think, does these dreams have symbols in our real life?
For examples;
1. In my community people think that if we see fallen teeth, fallen house, trees in dream then someone will die inside your relation.
2. Crossing river successfully leads to success.
3. If we see someone dead will increase life of that person.
4. Riding white horse will bring good news and riding black brings bad.
5. Seeing lights is good for life, etc.
What you think about dreams and real life, are they connected? Do you have more such examples?
Yes, dreams are obviously connected with 'real life'. One theory is that they are a 'clearing session' - ie they allow recent perceptions to be incorporated into memory by trying to make sense of them.

No, the symbols in dreams are unlikely to have any universal meaning because most people do not use the same symbols to represent particular events.
Yeah, I think dreams are interesting. But I think also, like Bikerman, that symbols cannot be universal at all.

I would probably say, if I dream about my past/childhood/family, I will dream about the house I grew up in, or the creek near my (childhood) house.

Whether or not that is common, I don't know.

Dreaming is definately tied to phisiology... if I go to sleep and I have a headache, I will dream something repetitive, like doing the same work task over and over... (I hate this dream!) or, if I am holding my breath in my sleep, I will dream I am drowning, and then when I actually breathe, I then dream I am breathing underwater... or if I am stressed, I will dream something panicked, like a chase dream or I am frantically searching for something...

These are things I have noticed about dreaming.

If there was anything to the idea of symbols, it would have to be very culturally specific... I can't imagine why a tree could have anything to do with death, but maybe there are links in your culture or others. I think really, if there were symbols, they would vary from person to person.

I suppose it is possible that you know things, especially things you don't really want to know, in your subconcious and not your concious, and they play out in your dreams.

I don't know why we dream or which theory I think is best.
As Bikerman said, dream symbols are not likely to be universal. A site which I came across explained the idea with examples pretty well. For a butcher, for example, a knife in a dream might be positive, because it is connected with his work. For someone who was attacked with a knife, a knife in a dream probably means nightmares.

I am someone who believes that dreams convey meanings through symbols. You shouldn't take everything literally, that's all. For example if you dream about your house being robbed, it may mean you feel your personal space is being invaded. Or it may not. It's different for different people.
In my place, if you dream of poop you'll become filthy rich in the future.
I have no idea what is the connection.

Since childhood, I have always been frequently dreaming of being chased by something. And I was dreaming of me jumping from roof to roof. It was only later in my life that I realized what it means, when one night, at the end of the dream, I was literally getting torn by a dog and it was eating all my insides. I'm already grown up and still afraid of dogs but not as much as when I was a kid. Though me getting chased in a dream could mean several things but why my nightmares always default into a 'chase dream'. That's probably because my fear of dogs is the closest fear I can relate. And my response to nightmares is the same response I have with fear of dogs.
no there is nothing like dream symbol wen v see dream it not on us its on our mind about what we think most that comes as dream so pleas there is nothing like dream symbol
Dreams are in no way symbolic of future events i.e. dreams are not fortune-telling nor portentous. Whatever their purpose, we're in no position to pinpoint their purpose. This is my opinion at least.
Otherwise, there are many theories out there, the most rational of which are:
- that dreams were carried forward somehow by natural selection since in our ancestral environment, we needed some sort of unconscious training with how to deal with fight or flight situations
- that dreams are a 'creation' of our imagination just trying to string together our unconscious thoughts while sleeping

Nevertheless, dreams are definitely connected with events in the dreamer's real life (maybe day residues or past impactful events); although I cannot tell about significant and insignificant events. The popular theory in my locality is that dreams always tell you 'what has been on your mind' recently.
Dreams are a result of your brain continuing to remain active while the rest of you relaxes. What you dream about is heavily dependent on what you're thinking about when you fall asleep. If you're worried about an exam the next day, you might have nightmares about your pen(cil) not working right, or forgetting all the answers. Anxiety can sometimes lead to nightmares.

I think dreams are fun because they are so limitless. In some of my very vivid dreams, I was:
  • A gargoyle that killed another gargoyle
  • Pacman (not kidding)
  • Driving at the age of 8

Do dreams have a spiritual significance? Though I'm generally a realist, I find a certain romance in thinking that dreams tell us things. Maybe the future? I remember taking a fun quiz somewhere about ESP, and the ability of some people to predict or foresee the future.

In any case, even if a dream cannot predict the future, having a nice dream makes me feel good the next day.
tidruG wrote:
In any case, even if a dream cannot predict the future, having a nice dream makes me feel good the next day.
Agreed. I can still remember a dream of mine where I was in a Napoleon position in a full out face to face war like the ones they had in the nineteenth century. I felt completely victorious. Boy, did I have a wonderful feeling when I woke up from that. I felt as though I had conquered the world. Very Happy
Dreams can indicate what your subconscious wants you to work on. It's a means for you to get into the depths of what is bothering/affecting your waking life. I do believe that symbolism can be found in the dreams, but that the symbolism is subjective. (For example one person may associate the pentacle as protection and another person as evil, so depending on which person dreamed of the pentacle would result on the meaning of the dream.)
Thing is one could create many interpretations of dreams but they are not supported by reality. In the end one could easily find one has created another reality to make that what we wish to be true, true. Both in the positive and negative. It may be better to go with the feelings one had before one started to remember the dream. And before the brain started to run interference.
When I interpret dreams, I try to consider the events that may be occurring in one's life to influence the dream. If you're stressed out, the dream may take a form of something you'd like to be happening, in order to counteract that stress. Yes, it is pretty much an alter-reality to play out your life to balance out your thought processes.
The only dreams that i can remember, I can only remember for a short period and are weird, or they consist of me waking up feeling as though I am falling and I think I have been falling as I hit the bed. I've been having those for years now though, almost used to them Razz

I would be nice to know what that meant, if anything. I have of course looked this up in the past but different places tell you different things and I simply don't believe them.
I do think that dreams have some sort of meaning. I am a pretty deep sleeper which means that I hardly ever remember what my dreams where about. But the dreams that I do remember I can usually relate to something that happened around me or that concerned me at the time of the dream. I hardly ever get the entire dream, but some of the characters in it or the situation of the dream I can relate to my direct environment.
Well I agree with everyone on the interpretation of dream symbols in that there are no universal symbols. What a 1970 GTO would mean to some one else is completely different than what it would mean to me.

I read a book on dream interpretation a few years back and the suggestion was to write down your dreams or as much as you could remember of them every morning, or when you awake at night, and remember them.

Re-reading them and pondering on what the symbols mean to you will eventually help you understand what your dreams are about. I can tell you that eventually you find that most of your dreams are merely a reflection of what is happening to you in your life.

As far as dreams predicting the future, that is a strange phenomenon. I've had dreams about things that were to happen in the future, some of them have come true, others not. I do believe that they can do so, but how accurate and how dependable they are is another story. I've had a dream about getting in a car wreck, and then it happened. I've also had dreams about winning the lottery, and that has never happened........ Rolling Eyes
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