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The distribution of land in certain prominent places in India seems to be quite complex depending upon the terrain characteristics, resource utilization, population distribution, transport development and purchasing power of the consumers. Depending upon some factors Indian space economy is characterized by a polymetropolitan apex urban developments with the four multi-million cities as islands of urban potential.

The core region around these metropolitan cities is characterized by specialized functions and high intra-regional accessibility. The peripheral region is dominated by central place functions and low to medium transport development. These features have produced disturbed hierarchical order which created dichotomous functional and spatial gaps. The metropolitan cities are now witnessing skewed development patterns unseen in other parts of the country.

In many of the planning efforts, there has been a rigorous testing of Christaller’s theoretical formulation of central place hierarchy against the actual situation in the search for central place systems and uniform land distribution in the central places. Most probably, this marketing principle is found operating in the peripheral region with subsistence economy, limited development potential and with intra-regional transport inaccessibility. However, the development principle in the core region is characterized by commercialized agriculture, industrial development and high transport accessibility.

Building or buying Houses in Kerala and that too in the prominent city areas is now the priority for a vast majority of the urban dwellers mainly due to the accessibility to the key business centers and the freedom to move to different areas at short notice. Even though the economic benefits are minimal, not much is happening in the urban centers, even though there is a phenomenal appreciation in land values.
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