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any other new touchpad owners? 8)

so hp recently dropped the price on their touchpad tablet here in the states. $100 for the 16GB $149 for the 32GB, nearly 80% off. Cool largely because they want to move out of the pc manufacturing and into enterprise management (similar to what intel and dell are doing). I had to track down a shipment to our local best buy, and then camp out front for an hour and a half before open.

In any case how many of my frihosters are touchpad owners now? What did you have to do to secure yours?
Yeah, I got one. Managed to score a 32 GB model off of Amazon. I was expecting it, so I had Firefox refresh the page every five seconds until the new price showed up. I finished ordering it in under a minute after it went up (probably wouldn't have gotten it if I hadn't).

So far, I am loving the tablet, though WebOS does leave a few things to be desired. The multitasking interface is fantastic, but there really is an application shortage. Not to mention that it wasn't very well optimized from the factory (disabling logging helps a LOT).
If the touchbook can install the Android, I will consider to buy one.
I have read that someone is building android version for Touchpad. But the question is whether there is any more touchpad on stock or not.
Many Android versions are actually functioning out there. There are at least two reports of TouchPads that actually shipped with Android instead of WebOS. Cyanogenmod made a major leap recently, and when they're done we'll have the ability to dual boot Android and WebOS, in addition to other operating systems. (For example, Ubuntu already works on it).

But, the TouchPads are sold out in most places. The few select places that have it aren't selling it at the fire sale prices. Then you have eBay and Craigslist selling TouchPads for $100-$150 more than the sale price. Rumors have it that HP has started to make more, but I highly doubt they will sell at $99 and $149.
well some folks may be in luck. Apparently hp is going to be doing another limited production run of 100,000. I'm not really sure why they would, but there was an article on cnet about it.

as far as webos goes, there's more app developing going on this week than the first 7 weeks of the touchpad being normal price. In fact I'm in the beta group for a new handwriting app. Smile so don't lose hope for webOS!

as far as android goes its pretty much agreed that the tablets supposedly shipped with it are hoaxes. There's currently two teams working on a honeycomb port. "Touchdroid" has a dual boot going but there's so many driver issues (touch screen doesn't work) that they are refusing to set a completion date. Besides, after the preware patches and whatnot, I really think webos is a superior operating system design.
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