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What do u think of paintball?

What do you think of paintball? Most people describe it as a hobby. For me, is it a sport i play every sunday matches with my friends just like soccer, we have a tournament with rankings. So the question,
What do you think of paintball and did you ever play it? If yes, how was your experience?
If you can have a true teamwork, paintball is fun. Otherwise, what is the point?
I love paintball.

I've only played it 4 times. I'm not interested at all in the indoorish competition type though. That doesn't appeal to me at all, sorry to say, although I see why other people like it.

I play at Ballan, with friends, it is a naturalistic (bush) setting, it is great fun and I look forward to doing it again in a couple of months.
It is expensive, but it is fun. It hurts in the beginning, but after a while it doesn't hurt as much. Pretty much as close as you can get to a war game, except Airsoft, but those are stupid.
The version of laser tag where you can actually get hurt.
It's really fun and I like it a lot, unfortunately though it's expensive as hell here in Israel. I sometimes go and play for a day with guys from work or friends, however I don't do it frequently.

There are leagues and professional teams here as well, but they spend a lot of money on their hobby.
Generally speaking, if you take your hobby seriously, you won't care investing money into it, so I guess paint-ball is fun but it's not really a hobby for me Smile
Never have I played this game. I've just google it and found this very cool.
Got hit once right in the nads from 8 feet away.
I did not play it, and i don't know how to play it, but I like to play other kind of balls
I knew the game and not before. Now I like it. Wink
its a fair sport, like it though i just seldom play it
I love this game... I use to get together with a group and go to play this once a month every month! People sometimes think i am crazy cause i am female and love to dress girly and be with the girls but when alone i log onto my PC and play counter-strike and run around with the guys shooting everyone... And with paint-balling i usually go with guys cause a lot of girls moan about the dirt and pain ect but i love it! I love the buzz from it and it is an excuse to roll around in the mud... I don't often get hit either cause i plan ahead haha! Always good to have a girl on your team to plan positions and tactics! Cause we are very slyyyyyyy Smile <3 xxx
its a very good sport and hobby i like it very much
Come and learn, like all exhibitions.
As a boy I used to play in the local woodland with sticks pretending to be soldiers - I enjoyed the diving around in the dirt & hiding out was very good for the young mind.
I guess Paintball's a grown-up version, and while I never played it, could imagine really enjoying it.
I think they should replace the paintballs with real ammo... More fun watch then Laughing
I play paintball when I can, I tend to move so it gets hard to keep track of finding the next new awesome paintball field. Especially when I some days I just want to play speed ball and other days I want to play woods ball or a scenario game. Expensive, sometimes painful, but overall totally worth it. ^.^
Radar wrote:
The version of laser tag where you can actually get hurt.

This pretty much. Smile I try to avoid pain at all costs, but I have gone paintballing before, just for the heck of it. I didn't get hurt, but that's probably b/c the people I played with were all beginners. xD
Paintball is expensive, but I love the feeling of crawling on your belly behind some obstacles to flank an opponent, catching them unawares and firing off a few quick bursts TAT TAT TAT. So satisfying.

But yes, wish the sport wasn't as expensive - and getting a large party of friends together takes forever too what with everyone's different schedules.
Ah yes, painball! isn't this the game where people shoot each other with guns, but just for fun, because it's not real guns, because they have paintballs instead of real projectiles? I heard someone say it's rather a game for war-veterans who have to go for a shootaround sometimes, and neo-nazis who are proud of being warriors, or some breivik kind of guys, training for their next shooting spree amuck... I rather find it not so funny.
I myself have never played paintball tournaments or games, but my brother has. He go into it years ago, and had some pretty good gear at the time, but fell out of it and sold all of his gear and his guns. He just recently got back into it, and got some pretty good deals on more equipment. About 2 weeks ago, he traded about $450 worth of gear for an almost $800 dollar gun. It was ridiculous. He was showing it to my father and I yesterday, at one point the thing was firing 25 balls a second. It was so fun. Scared the hell out of our dog though. :D
Interesting game!!!!
I only play paint ball when my neighbors enter my land Embarassed
I love paintball , it is really fun.. I never organized it myself but when I take part, I want to make sure that the paint does not damage the forest environment in any way (e.g. no led in the paint)

Played it several times. There are clubs here.. and sometimes it is organized by my employer, for team up fun with collegues. There is laser quest too, that is a variant you can play indoors. Hits are counted and you get a little note after the laser quest about your score.

Smile Lx
It really hurts in the beginning, but after a while it doesn't hurt as much. Pretty much as close as you can get to a war game, except Air soft, but those are stupid.
This game is very fun but i don't have try it before, it is very good to train our war skills
Paintball sounds awesome! It's a shame it isn't very popular where I live. I would love to try it someday, though.
I wish the paintballs weren't that expensive, that way you can go more often. It's like shooting quarters out of your gun, the amount they are priced.
To give a little background, paintball started in NH between Vermont and New Hampshire farmers, using Nelson paint markers used to mark cattle for slaughter, and trees for cutting. The sport was born out of pure fun. It was born in the woods, and as of recently, that’s where it seems to be returning to. Woods ball transitioned into speed ball, which transitioned into hyper ball, which had transformed into today’s tournament air ball. But, with the general playing populace not having as much expendable income to support tournament play, it would appear that the masses are turning back towards the roots of paintball and venturing back into the woods to shoot each other.
Unfortunately never have I played this game... Sad
Sucks when you get it in your mouth
dalepeart wrote:
Sucks when you get it in your mouth

That didn't sound right!
It's a good thing that they make paintballs taste good. Sorta. The ones that I have were banana tasting. But then again it's best if you don't et hit in the mouth.
I have always compared paintball with air-soft gun gameplay and I thought paintball to be more messy (as the costumes get messes with paint) and far more expensive. The second thing is true, I think that ASG is better choice for those, who just want to play and not waste tons of money.

Anyways, both ASG and paintball are pretty fun and enjoyable for anyone. Just find few friends, organise some area with help of someone that is already into paintball and just play Smile
paintball : game?? Smile
Rolling Eyes
It is a wonderful game, but you have to find a good team to play it. It's not something you can "improvise" like football, where with a bunch of guys and a ball you can play.
I played and just hit me one time. In that moment doesn't hurt but later my leg was so swell and a free tatoo Rolling Eyes.

It's amazing why not repeat.
I think it's best played with friends. just try to keep out of accidents
I played it once, but we played against people we didn't know. I'm pretty sure they were not playing entirely fair to be honest. But it was fun Very Happy. The other team went for a drink in the evening so we had the field to ourselves, that was better, because we were fair haha. So we played untill we were out of those painballs and then we all went to the McDonalds hehe. I do think I will be doing it again, but I do want to do it outdoors and right now it is too cold to play paintball outdoors, so I have to wait for the spring/summer Sad
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