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Heart attack

I have only seen the heart attack in males not in females. Do females get heart attack? If yes, why only the males suffer more heart attacks than females. If no, why females are safe from this health problem?
What can we do to be safe from heart attacks?
I heard that there is a difference between the hearts of women and the hearts of men in terms of how they react to heartbreaks and health problems regarding the heart.

They say that women's heart are fragile but they cure very easily and fast.
While men's heart are strong and don't easily get damaged or sick, but once torn or got ill, they don't easily fix. Sometimes they even get worse.

But another reason would be because men have more vices and addictions than women. So they expose their hearts to more risks.
I think males have more stress than women, with the work that they do and the responsibilities that they have... hence more addictions, since they have to deal with a lot more stress than women, for example to keep their jobs and their house and their reputation, I guess as well, in the social world.

I think females who work in a corporation and under a duress of stress to complete projects might have the same prone-ness to heart attacks as well.
Yes, women get heart attacks. Didn't you see Phoebe in Friends lol?
On a more serious note, check out
Yes, heart attacks affect both males and females....even kids who do not eat right and are severely overweight.

BLOOD CLOTS clogging up arteries.

The main nutrient involved in blood clotting is vitamin K, an oil-soluble vitamin found in many natural foods. Foods high in Vitamin K tend to be leafy green vegetables, but it does not mean you will need to avoid all vegetables.

Cruciferous vegetables like #.1 Spinach, #2. Cabbage and #3. Kale seem to be less effective in clotting blood. This is partially because they are known to reduce estrogen levels, which in turn reduces the uptake of vitamin K. Heart patients can up their intake in these 3.

Help your body to create its own natural Vitamin D; have 10 to 20 minutes' of daily exposure to sunlight. It's free and won't take too much of your time!

Here is a list of Natural Foods that act as Anticoagulants (anti-clogging)

1. Most Nuts
2. Curry Powder (Tumeric also known as Cucurmin)
3. Green Pepper
4. Ginger
5. Paprika
6. Cinnamon
7. Tumeric
8. Dill
9. Oregano (natural antibiotic too)
10. Thyme
11. Honey
12. Peppermint leaves
13. Tree Ear
14. Jicama
15. Garlic
16. Onions
17. Most fruits
18. Olive Oil

Always use Virgin Olive Oil for stir-frying only, as a higher temperature actually turns the virgin olive oil cancer-causing.

Fruits Heart Patients Should Take

1. Cranberries
2. Blueberries
3. Grapes
4. Strawberries
5. Raisins
6. Prunes
7. Cherries
8. Oranges
9. Tngerines

And if you're also diabetic (with a heart problem), NEVER drink fruit juice! Eat your fruits whole!

Is this guide only for those who are eating prescribed heart drugs and blood-thinners?

NO! In fact if you're on prescription blood-thinners, you cannot take cranberries, ginger, and garlic oil capsules (food cooked with garlic is ok). Many heart patients suffer as they are not informed that the natural foods they are eating may react with heart drugs, which in turn causes side-effects. While some side-effects are temporary, quite a number of side-effects from heart "medicine" are irreversible (eg. brain damage and death).

Do consult a nutritionist before starting any prescription drugs.


2 more US studies found that heart surgery patients were more likely to die if given the anti-bleeding drug Trasylol, renewing the claims that the drug is dangerous. -

Statin drugs expose patients to dangerous, debilitating side effects:

Why aren't these prescription drugs safe? Did they not go through rigorous tests and clinical trials?

And recently I also found a green PDF at which read:
“Not surprisingly, anticoagulant medications, especially WARFARIN, are the drugs most often cited as having the highest risk for supplement-drug interaction, ALTHOUGH numerous studies in human FAIL to note a direct interaction. With regards to direct interactions with WARFARIN, herbs thought to interfere with platelet aggregations are also cited as a concern, although when studied in human volunteers, herbs such as garlic, gingko, and ginseng fail to show any adverse effects on platelets or bleeding times.”

What is the above paragraph REALLY saying?

That many holistic doctors who say that foods like garlic, gingko and ginseng interact with blood-thinning drugs could cause side-effects, but that clinical studies did not prove any adverse effects on blood platelets in humans.

In short, the clinical studies seem to suggest that while you are on prescription drugs, you can eat anything. But is that the TRUTH??

In many cases of pulmonary embolism (blood clot in lungs) is actually a sign of heart disease. (When blood clots are ‘washed away’ by heart drugs, debris of clots travel from the heart to the lungs.)

And this is where conventional medicine fails. Patient is prescribed LUNG DRUGS instead of heart drugs!

Doesn’t this mean that an indirect lung drug could cause the heart disease to persist again? Instead of treating disease at its root source, conventional medicine misses it.

Similarly, while a herb, or a fruit or a vegetable may not cause a direct interaction on blood platelets (while you’re on a prescription drug); it has not shown that an indirect interaction on blood platelets is not equally damaging.

“While interactions can and do occur, when looking at the totality of data, the incidence of severe or life-threatening herb-drug interactions or supplement-drug interactions is actually quite low.”

Quite low? How about a prescription drug’s interaction with these:
- other prescription drugs like antibiotics, painkiller, diuretics (How does one prescription drug react with another?) The reality: there are no TESTS to show you the results of taking more than 1 or 2 prescription drugs in a day.
- alcohol
- caffeine
- hormones
- birth control pills
- energy drinks
- sports drinks

And let’s not forget how Michael Jackson BLINDLY trusted his doctor, and paid for it with his life. -

Some Bloodthinners Info

** Clopidogrel (PLAVIX) can cause stomach bleeding. U.S. judge OKs Bristol-Myers $125 mln Plavix settlement:

** Warfarin (COUMADIN) – headache, upset stomach,diarrhoea, fever,skin rash. May also experience unusual bruising, blood in urine, sore throat, stomach pains, unexplained fever.

Dangers of Blood-thinners

I actually know of someone who's so afraid of RX blood-thinners, she's taking Gingko Biloba because her Chinese traditional doctor says it's a natural blood-thinner without side-effects. So far, she's had no problems on it (she had stroke).

Non-Heart Drugs too, that Causes Heart Attacks
** Bextra
** Celebrex
** Vioxx (withdrawn)

The reason why Tylenol, a diabetes drug, is now used as a Heart Drug.

LASTLY, always have some cayenne pepper beside you. It stops heart attacks in 20 seconds to 3 minutes (when all other drugs fail to do so in that record time).
Lucky are those living in Mexico cos their hospitals really rock in the anti-cancer department!
This would be because of stress and depression ... All you need to do some routine cardio exercises like swimming , running , cycling and walking .. Because these exercises are best for heart patients ..
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