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Review my website

I designed a website and wanted some feedback on it, please. It is

Nice website ..

can you teach me how to creat banner like this one .. changes rapidly..?
Very good website. The webdesign is just perfect for the site's topic or theme.

AsadAnsari wrote:
can you teach me how to creat banner like this one .. changes rapidly..?

It's called a slider. You can find some plugins online or learn how to create sliders using jquery.
Thank you !

i will certainly try it !
This is one good and interesting Christian website, both in content and design. It will be more helpful
for new and old Christian if add more resource such as Bible study tools, the proof stories, Christ song
and video and etc.

Thank you very much for share.


P.S. If someone asked you, “Are you a Christian?”, what would you say? Probably “Yes.” But what if they
asked, “Why?”

When it really comes down to it, what would I say? What would you say?

The reason you are a Christian is not because you do good things like go to church or read the
Bible. It is not because you were raised in a “Christian” home or nation. It’s not even because you believe
in the concept of God. It is because you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Savior of the
world, and the King that will reign for eternity. Your faith in Jesus is what makes you a Christian—pure
and simple.

God loves you! God loves you! May god bless you.

Thanks again.

pretty and neat, good Wink
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