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Excellent free IMAP email


I have been using a free email system than really is proof against spam. All messages are placed in a “pending folder” on receipt and a message is sent to the sender to confirm that the email was human-generated. Only when a reply to this message is received from the sender their address is placed in a list of allowed emailers and the pending message and all subsequent messages from that sender are routed to your inbox. If you want to go on a mailing list you can manually mark messages in your pending polder as “allowed”.

The service is advert free, has an allowance of 250MB and IMAP is fully supported.

Give it a try at
IMAP is sooooo much more convenient than POP3

Great info! Thanks for taking the time to post it!

Thanx man ... for sharing
looks good ..
my phone always had problem with pop3 mail. but this one works just great. didnt stop working in the mid. great. this place is Cool
technically, it may not work very well in terms of infrastructure. consider a spammer spam this service with a return address pointing to the intended spammer. it will have no effect on you, but the others will be annoyed. well, i am glad that people are doing things on the spam issue.
Bluebottle is pretty good, Fastmail is good too,and in my opinion works quicker hence the name fastmail...and with greasemonkey installed and the keyboard shortcut scripts it's pretty good in addition Smile just my 2C
Hey! Glad to see that I am not the only one using, and finding it as being a great email provider. Its very reliable and very easy to use, innovative and i would recommend it to anyone!

PS. worked great with windows mobile.
I've sign up there just a couple of weeks ago. But now I can't use it because the IMAP server is not responding. I cannot receive message anymore. So I've signed up on GMail.
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