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greatest hero ever!!!


seem like youtube tag doesn't work.

badai wrote:

seem like youtube tag doesn't work.

Put only the video identifier code inside the tag, like so:

And then it works fine:

As for the video itself:
- At about 0:50 - How the heck does he make a jeep fly into the air by throwing a pipe at the grille!?!
- At about 1:00 - Yay! horses! I'm beginning to like this video more.
- At about 1:10 - Um, no. No human can outrun horses for that kind of distance. Very short sprints, yes, but once the horses have enough time to get fully up to speed, no.
- At about 1:38 - Wait, what!?! He should be missing his arms now, not getting back up.
- At about 1:39 - They crashed the horses. For this stupid video!?! This is an outrage! I hope they didn't get injured.
- At about 1:40 - This guy just got dragged a long way over pavement... but his clothes aren't even torn. Heck, they're not even dirty. Those are some GOOD clothes!
- At about 1:45 - Does this guy have super powers? He -- with his hands alone -- just held a rope still that must have had around 3000-4000 pounds of force on it.
- At about 1:47 - I want to see the exact same thing happen to the people who filmed this. In fact, I would pay handsomely for the privilege. (Four more horses getting crashed onto pavement.)
- At about 2:04 - Another one!?! Are they trying to injure all their horses?
- At about 2:07 - Sliding a horse on its side? On pavement!?! At least they used a fake horse for this one, so some poor horse isn't missing half its hide now.
- At about 2:11 - Ah, look, another jeep flying for no adequately explained reason.
- At about 2:41 - Crashing more horses!?! Evil or Very Mad On a lighter note, the guy on the far right seems to have managed to fly off the horse before it crashed. :/
- At about 2:48 - More of those flying jeeps.
- At about 3:10 - Okay, I know that was super-thin glass meant to be broken, but I'm still not okay with riding a horse through it at speed.
- At about 3:19 - Is it normal for architecture in that region to feature door-sized windows with both sides inside a building?
- At about 4:25 - Wait... what? Why did all the guys surrounding him suddenly fall down?
- At about 4:28 - So, I'm supposed to believe he just rode a horse through the front of a bus without any injuries? (Also, that's one heck of a horse for one he just randomly stole from the people he's running from.)
- At about 4:32 - Why is the entire rear wall of the bus made of glass? Is that normal?
- At about 4:36 - These jeeps fly so easily... I wonder if anybody has thought of using them for airplane propulsion?
- At about 4:48 - Okay, now there's a huge explosion, and I don't know why.
- At about 4:58 - Wait, it just ended? I hadn't thought it was drawing to a conclusion yet.

General comments:
1- How is this world news related? It doesn't even seem to depict any real-world event. (Though if this actually happened, it would be newsworthy.)
2- What makes this guy the greatest hero ever? The only title I think he might be in the running for is 'most prolific stunt man ever'.
3- I'm guessing that the 'no animals were harmed in the making of...' statement is NOT going to be at the end of this video... I am NOT okay with that.

Moderator note: If no explanation is forthcoming about why this is news related, it will be moved to a more appropriate forum.
I think it's the same guy in this video.

As soon as I saw a hoof broke a window and the fact that there were several horses in that video, I knew more of those horse violence are coming. I wish no horse got hurt.

flying jeeps? WHAAAT?! I knew Indians are funny but that was just one of the most hilarious I've ever seen. Laughing

Notice also at 2:20 the plate number of the blue car. It spells ASS. lol
where is the video? I can not see anything. what's up?
The video is over exaggeration¡£
Hilarious .... and Ocalhoun's commentating was priceless. Laughing

Agreed. Maybe this is not really the appropriate Forum for it. Nonetheless, had some great entertainment value.
Wow, I can't believe the things they made those horses do, but it looked like they had the people do it too. Unfortunately the horses don't have much of a choice, and the people did! Overall pretty lame, except for Ocalhoun's commentation of course! I'd say there should be some better section to place this in.
I wonder how much of the stunts have been manipulated artificially. I hope that have been as I'd hate for the horses to have been maltreated in any way.
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