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Do anyone know what Hong Kong is happening?

Hong Kong People are now scolding the head of The Police for hitting the people in Hong Kong!
Yes, Some Hongkong socialist demonstrators tried to crash a march by 300 people who oppose against the issue about whether foreign maids should be given residency. Socialists argue that the march displays people's racist and class discrimination and should be stopped. Police went in the middle and stopped the demonstrators and arrested some of them. The socialists were disappointed about the police's action.

My opinion about this. Some Hongkong natives are just narrow minded and selfish. In my opinion, this rally against the issue is completely discriminating. Why are they saying all of these things, it's not as if these maids are burden to their economy. Would their life be more convenient and efficient without these foreign maids? Surely these people have something to contribute in their economy. And the rest of other foreign workers already have the right to apply for permanent residency so why exclude foreign maids. This is obviously class discrimination.

I think I can see why they're acting like this. The same month a year ago, some Hong Kong nationals were killed in a hostage in Manila. They're channeling their rage against other innocent people for the incompetence of the Philippine government and some psychopathic policeman who took those lives. Now a Filipina maid is hearing a case about having permanent residency after living in Hong Kong for 24 years. And all those rally for that? I think the problem here is obvious. What did those maids do to them to deserve this kind of treatment?
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