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What jobs you like to do?

What jobs you like to do if you can do all the jobs?
Networking jobs are very good .....we can learn abt the structures of IT infrastructure
networking components are good to use .... well designed and very happy to configure it...

I like being in the technical feild with computers like servers, and networking equipment.
But I do want to go into a management position - to try and impart my knowledge and skills and basically try and manage an infrastructure on a broader scale.
I currently work as a "Major Application Support Officer" everyday activities range from Server management/administrator to User IO errors.

My Goal is to become a full-time 3D modeller/Animator ( Currently my part-time 2nd job)

"who knows what the future holds"
I like to do that job which can satisfy lots of people. For example, social service organizations, Red cross and so on. So that we can know the status of many people living in a country.
I have a main job is in the govermente of my town, i am involve with increase the satifaction of the users about a Program called "MAS" (Mejor Atención y Servicio) Better Atention and Service, and i love, i in charge of 12 offices of my work, i have to plan about adquisition, courses to increase the skills of the public servants

my secondary job is as Teacher in a High School i teach not for the money but for the pleasure, i think education is the most valuable thing that a youngter can adquire

i like both, i am a blessed man that actually works in things that loves
I have the perfect face for radio but I do enjoy my engineering work and it's challenges.
i think tour guide is nice. you can go to many nice places,take photos,eat all kinds of food in different places etc.
Helping other people may be best happy thing on the world.I like a job about this point.
Well my primary job is electrical engineering, but I don't mind doing physical work.
I sometimes volunteer and help with packaging and carrying stuff.
I also like the wilderness and navigation, esp. tutoring and guiding people/kids in nature.
If not my regular work I'd probably be like Bear Grylls lol ... man, that guy has a great job!
I like to work in technical field specially with Computer Software. I like to maintain Servers, Monitoring Network and Troubleshooting various problems related to the computer and network. Sometime I also do work as beta tester. Beside this I would like travelling and Photography too..
Defintely i will be a Fighter Pilot !

That is my dream Razz and i wish if i could be a fighter pilot(though i'm trying for it ) !
Its the most daring,loving job i would like to do being in Indian Air Force ! Razz
my dream is become a Corrupt official in china. one year enough, 3 yrs is better. after term, I can move to usa or canada, and enjoy the next 40 yrs life
If I could have any job in the world and wouldn't be hard for me..

This is what I would want to be doing.

Heavy Computer Programming, Website Design & Computer Manufacturing. Those are the 3 main things I want to pursue in my life, but it won't ever happen! Because of my learning disability. :/

Other things I would like to do is be a Animal Groomer. I love pets with a passion <3
good question
social sector will be good. you can do it if you havent any problem
working in social service organization will be tough but it will satisfy you.and it will make you happy
Teaching and research
I am in technical field Hardware and Networking (MCITP and CCNA) was my hobby which I have experience of two years but currently web designing since last 4 months in .net and sql.
i wish to start my own company.. like to be a boss..
My ambition is being a great managing director of a big company
Comfortable easy task
I love programming. I could program all day. I want all of the programming jobs.
i liked programming jobs when i was younger... now i dont like it so much anymore, i like project managing jobs now more...
i'd like the job of a king Wink
At the current time banking and finance sector is on his high but this looks still challenging to interact with the crowd. Programming is my area of interest and I love to learn new thing in web designing.
i love doing jobs related to technology apart from marketing aspect i.e buying and selling [i can buy but cannot sell]. i mean the likes of programming,web designing,website publishing,coding etc
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