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Real Music

Very Happy Im here today to talk about real music. What is real music?

Because alot of music around these days that is making the big time are not real music:

Greenday- Used to be great but their new stuff.....eurgh. the are now officially SELLOUTS.
Mcfly- What the hell are they? ANOTHER american Pop Rock band. Singing about girls they cant get.
Blink 182- Again were kind of OK 5 years ago, but i really think they should pack up.
EMO- WTF!? Whiney, boring, talentless drivvle

Anyone else agree?

Very Happy
The Profile
McFly sadly are not American but are in fact British!!!

Real bands are the old ones: Led Zeppelin, ACDC, The Rolling Stones, Queen now thats real music!

I currently h8 Green Day!
verbalkint wrote:
But enough history. There’s a new Satanic Surfers album about be released on September 12th (slightly different release dates in some territories), the third one on Bad Taste Records. It’s called "Taste the Poison" and sees the band returning to Berno Studios in Malmö, for the second album in a row. After some down time following the 2002 tours, due to members leaving the band and a general need for some time off, Satanic Surfers actually began writing songs for this album more than two years ago. Everyone involved agreed that, since there were no tours booked and no deadlines to meet, there was no rush to record the album. Instead the most important thing was to gather the strongest material possible and enter the studio with the best Satanic Surfers songs ever. With Andy (bass) and Robert (drums) joining Rodrigo, Fredrik and Magnus in 2003 and 2004 respectively, the pieces fell into place and after completing a string of shows during 2004, the band was ready to enter the studio in May 2005.

/shameless plug

Lock this crap.
Another topic exists with the same topic (Yes, the exact same title!! - "Real Music"), go Search for it.

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