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Creating easy email

I just thought I would mention what I find to be very convenient for an email account. Create a Hotmail or Live email account. It takes just seconds. Then easily add it to your Windows Live Mail client. It is configured by itself. I created a few accounts fast.

The reason I like it is because its fast yes. But recently I dropped my hosting from 1and1 because I felt I was done wrong by an increase in the price when I wasn't looking. And that meant I had to delete my domain's email accounts. Maybe I could have dealt with that MX mail situation but I am not that familiar with it and I didn't have another place to take my email anyway.

Also if you have to reformat your hard drive you have to manually set up those emails again in your computers email client. That is a nuisance to be honest. The Hotmail and Live mails just to it all automatically in as I said. All I know is I have some good email addresses that I hope to keep for a long time. Also you can easily create temporary email accounts to contact some of these companies that you know might go dirty on you and taint your email with spam. This is the best way to go as far as I know.
Be sure to setup spam filters. Although with hotmail, that will only help a little.
Some emails services have disposable email
Wait a second, your saying previously you paid for email service!!! There are so many free email services out there competing for each other, I didn't even realize anyone paid for email. Maybe I misunderstand, was there some benefit to 1and1 that the other big free email providers (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, live, etc) don't offer?
The only thing I can think of is that some communities require members to have a paid email, because it is so easy to create free emails if you get banned.
free is good. free is enough.
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