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Can't seem to post to HEALTHIEST FOODS ON EARTH at..

Can't seem to post to HEALTHIEST FOODS ON EARTH at

Eggs, meat, milk (as well as too much raw garlic and onions) can cause odour....body odour, feet odour. A cousin of mine reduced these (eggs, meat, milk) and found that it worked for him.

But those with cancer can have as much as 7 eggs a day as cancer cells tend to kill much of the protein before they are even digested.

Grass-fed meat may not necessarily mean they are not injected with antibiotics. Compared to processed meat, they have lesser carcinogens. Also, meat tends to stick to the walls of the colon and you need to make sure you are eating a lot of vege fibre.

On drinking water....I believe too much of it can wash away the water-soluble vitamins in your food. So, if you drink a lot, eat again those foods rich in water-soluble vitamins: B, C Eg. berries, cranberries.

Although I have water-filters installed in the shower and kitchen sink, I also choose to purify my drinking water with a rare kind of mineral sulphate (perhaps Russia's best-kept secret for removing heavy metals and radioactivity from water).

If you have food cravings, you may be having too little sodium or vegetable fibre in your diet. We may be addicted to foods we like because after eating them, seratonin is released to make us feel good. Why it's a good idea to have a variety of food now and then.
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