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Cell Phone Mistakes that Could Ruin Your Relationship

It seems that nowadays, everyone from pre-teens to grandparents carry cell phones, but I can remember when that wasn't the case. In fact, until I was halfway through college, I had never dated a guy who carried a cell phone. While I longed at the time for an instant and constant line of communication, I found that when I finally had a boyfriend who carried a cell phone, a whole crop of corresponding issues came along with the territory. In fact, while cell phones can add an element of convenience to a relationship, they also have the potential to ruin relationships with (at least) these five mistakes:

1. Making it a higher priority. Cell phones are my husband's life. Granted, he is a cell phone sales representative. But that aside, he really enjoys monkeying around with "mobile devices." When I first met him, he was constantly texting, playing games, and checking his phone to see if he had any missed calls. That gave me the impression that the cell phone was more important than me, and it kept him distracted from our quality time, even if it was just habit. In a healthy relationship, a person should never play second fiddle to her significant other's cell phone. You should put your phones away while you're together. If he can't break his attachment to his phone, maybe you should break your attachment to him.
I just never got a smart phone. I rely on my roommate when I really need access to the Internet. It really helps so that I don't have to resist the urge to always check my e-mail.
I don't think mobiles are that time consuming because of a simple fact... when you're with someone you wanna be with, you have no need to check missed calls do you??
Also if your loved one is addict to his device... well how is that so frustrating? I understand the quality time concern... but its only a phone... and its only few seconds to check it?

I think the whole frustration around mobiles is the feeling they generate that you're not the only one in one's life and the fear that you're coming second... but its only a device.. and its only making people think to much.

If you trust him and if he is with you as a fact... who cares what he does on his phone really?

Also.... what are the 4 more mistakes? you said there is 5 mistakes to avoid..
a cell phone is just the excuse, in one or both ways, i never liked it till i need use one, but i try to use the least, is just a tool very useful in this days, and depends on the job is high priority.

the trick is not to get invade for the technology.

i have some rules about

1.- if you have a cell phone and give the number your contract a perse obligation to answer when it rings

2.- never gives the cell number to anyone that dont have a cell phone too, because i never answer a number that is not in my book agenda, just if is my same area code perhaps, if the person need to comunicate with me eventualy he /her make it.

3.- is just a tool, is no stutus or some kind of royalty or whatever, and like a tool you uses it, not the cell phone uses you.

i think thats a basics for use a cell.... ahhh i almost forgot, if you have a cell phone you should keep it on Very Happy
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