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Virtual Worlds built on OpenSimulator

I was just told about Frihost a few minutes ago. Thought I would check this place out. Anyway I just discovered OpenSimulator a open source virtual world platform. It is just like Second Life in many ways. It runs pretty good. I would highly recommend you building your virtual world with it.

I serve my own environment from my pc. Have my place up on's grid. There are other grids out there but that one is a good one. Or you can configure it as a stand-alone and enjoy it on your pc or us hypergrid links to get a few visitors.

You can read up on the platform at My place is a nature park> so if you are in osgrid find the map and type in farpark. One word. There is a beach, a waterfall, birds singing, windchimes making sounds. Just an environment to enjoy.

In SL they charge 295.00 a region. I have 9 regions running on this XP. But if it is like my connection it isn't a place where you can have big parties with lots of avatars. The more avatars the more resources it takes. I haven't tested it for how much mine can handle. I have just had a couple visitors from time to time. That is all I need. I am sure if 10 avatars dropped by at once it would do fine.

Its really a nice hobby to be honest. And you own it. The platform is all yours. As I said it is open suurce. It has a good community of software developers that are working on it all of the time. Even intel has given some technology to the platform they call DSG (Distributed Scene Graph the technology that allows OpenSim to handle thousands of avatars on a single region. So as you can see it is going places.

Please respond to this subject. I am only a few weeks into this and I have learned a little about it. If you have a router that has port forwarding and NAT loopback you can serve your virtual world also. Let me know if you have a place also on a grid somewhere and elaborate on your experience please.
Wow, this is great information.
I take it that you've set it up already, right?
If so, what processor are you using for this, and your connection speed?

There is a company in India that started it for its consumer base of its products...but can't recollect the name of it.
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