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Hewlett Packard Tech Support is trying to sell me a computer

Tony The Tiger
Hewlett Packard has $#!tty tech support compared to Dell. I sent them my laptop because the power cord randomly goes unrecognized by the computer. Sometimes it matters how you jiggle it and position it and sometimes it does not. They sent it back with a new power cord, new battery pack and the same problem. It must be something inside. I also told them that the cooling system that I have been complaining about since June is not working and they did not fix it. Then when I called today, they hinted about wondering if I was interested in buying a new one. This machine laptop is not 18 months old and I am not some high flyer who needs the latest and greatest. They had my machine from the 2nd until the 12th (for some ungodly reason they returned it ground from California to Chicago on the 4th and it took 8 days). I told them to send me a new prepaid fedex box and when the ship it back to me not to use ground again. I don't like going 10 days without my laptop.
Is it still under warranty?

If so, I would tell them, "Yes, I would be interested in a brand new one... For free."
Tony The Tiger
ocalhoun wrote:
Is it still under warranty?

If so, I would tell them, "Yes, I would be interested in a brand new one... For free."

I sent them my computer again on the 16th and they are supposedly going to have back to me tomorrow morning (according to the Fedex tracking information). Only 8 days this time. They claim to have replaced the motherboard, some bezel of something or other and some other do hickey in addition to a new power cord and battery I believe. Hopefully, that will solve the problem. Not sure what is going on, but I have a conference to go to in DC. I am suppose to speak at the Convention Center on Saturday before the Martin Luther King National Memorial is dedicated on Sunday. Supposedly, they managed to repair my computer without reformatting the hard drive, but you never know with them. I need to get my machine back. I hate working on my 2003 Dell Inspiron 8200 with Windows XP.
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