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Jack Thompson is a psycho


So he wants to fight violent games with more violent games?

Plus he yelled at Gabe from !(its October 12ths news)

Just because Gabe was right, $10,000 compared to PA's annual half a million?

Jack Thompson is crazy...
Yeah, he and other politicans don't seem to realize where the violence spreads ain't video games, that's for sure.

In my opinion, school is probably the number one cause of why children go on their killing sprees. After becoming fed up with with being made fun of, shunned, ostracized, ect. they snap and pick up their dads gun.

Out of all of the child school shootings, it's later been learned that the ones who went on these killing sprees were exactly as I described above; social outcasts, they were probably a tad mentally unstable as well.

Here are a few quotes from Jack Thompson's site

In April 1999, eight days before Columbine, Jack Thompson appeared on national television to identify the role that shooter video games, specifically Doom, would play in future school shootings. A week later in Littleton, Colorado, Klebold and Harris, who obsessively trained on Doom, killed thirteen.

The key word there is trained. He abused the video game with the purpose to become a good marksman. The game did not suddenly warp him into a killing machine. So I guess since some people abuse something it should be abolished, right? Then let's clear out those drug stores as well, because people abuse medicine all the time.

Jack Thompson has appeared recently on a number of national television program with victims of two teenage Tennessee snipers whom police concluded trained obsessively on Grand Theft Auto to prepare for their sniping spree.

Once again, notice the word trained. They took advantage of the game, now whose fault is that? I'm sure that anyone who is going to go on a killing spree has to have something wrong with them, whether it be mental, social, ect. And whatever problems these children have should be noticed by their parents! In the words of President Bush, "Parents need to be parents." This extends even further to children getting their hands on games like GTA. I've witnessed parents by their 7 year old GTA, when it's clearly labeled as a violent and bloody game. Whose fault is that? Not the entertainment industry.

Thompson says, "Safety will trump freedom." because the entertainment industry won't adopt decent standards. You know what I say, the entertainment industry isn't the only ones at fault here. Parents need to recognize that sign that their children are mentally unstable or socially troubled, becasuse trust me, the signs are there and things can be done. Parents need to be parents.
i think he is a comedian! not a great one, but he is funny =D
he is always doing stuff that is hilarious XD

but seriously, i think that jack is one of the biggest idiots of man kind, along with other american politicians. he's not being realistic at all. unfortunantly he is probably getting respons from pretty many people, and thats a bad thing ;/.
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