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What is/was the best thing about your school or college ?

There are quite a few things that I like about my high school, and overall, I love it!
We don't really have a lot of facilities, I'm shocked sometimes to see the kind of facilities schools of other countries have with such less number of students, and we(my schoolmates) don't! but despite that I, for some reason, love my school.

So, coming back to the point, the thing I like the most about my school is... the fact that the students are heard out, and the administration is so easily accessible for any issue!
I can literally just walk into the Vice-Principal's office anytime of the day, and put forth any suggestion for improvement or any complaint, and the fact that it is taken seriously and acted upon is the best!

Now it's your turn to share!
That I have not been there for a long time. laugh
I guess that I was very lucky to have great school mates at school. We had lots of fun together, yet at the same time had some of the brightest students as well in the school's history. We had great teachers of course, or we at least thought they were. I grew up in the country, and we often got students from the cities who could not make it there. And then turned out into really great students. The school had an excellent reputation nationally. We had plenty of outings over weekends to parks and resorts, even to arts in the cities, so there is probably a lot of good that I can remember at school. But I also remember the relief when I finally passed the University entrance exam and had freedom to go where I wanted to be. School did feel like a prison of sorts to me.
I were a good student in school so I could get focused by my teachers. My school was in a peaceful area. In college days, I were a normal middle typed student, not as good as in school due to my family problem which is hampering in my University level till now. However my study is, I am in peaceful college with good teachers who could help me and its very much good to financially poor students.
Beer pong and wild parties?
Nothing. There's nothing great about my school or college. If there was then I would have been a smarter man right now. I even wish there's no school so I had enough time to self-study.
Navigator wrote:
Beer pong and wild parties?

I thought that said beer bong for a second there, I was like... saywhat?

I've always had a very mixed time in academically, went to University but always felt very isolated socially there and eventually for the sake of my own sanity had to drop out, the facilities, course and lecturers were great I don't blame them but it just wasn't my cup of tea especially not living there, commuting every day. However had a great time in college, nice people and mostly good teachers... met a good few people. Talking of college - in my first year there I took computing, and this guy comes up to me and says "This might be a weird question, but... Frihost?" or something along those lines. For a moment I was completely bemused, you know how some people say everyone is connected by a link of about 6 people, turns out knew him off here... I think, I was wearing my avatar on a t-shirt and as my location says oxfordshire he put the two together. Oh and also, my name is Joss. (where you at ninjakannon? You still on here? what you been up to?). Small world eh?
can lean something you like.

I remember, the warm welcome at my college life. Such a supporting teachers never ever had me.
Every teachers join hand in hand to help us to study the hard topics. To me beauty of a college or any institution is not the building or facility there, but the people whom we work with there.
The best thing of my school was my friends and teachers. Teachers were very loving and caring to us. Friends were the best persons I met in my life.
i think the best thing about my school is the teacher,they are very kind and they help me a lot in study .i am really appreciate them and miss them now.
$1 shake Wednesdays!! :p and also our library -- i absolutely loved being in there. it was big, the lightign was great and i just loved it Very Happy
missdixy wrote:
$1 shake Wednesdays!! :p and also our library -- i absolutely loved being in there. it was big, the lightign was great and i just loved it Very Happy

I hated my high school library. The school librarian took things way too seriously. I think she went on a tantrum because one junior student accidentally put their book back on the wrong shelf. All that screaming and yelling... It's just a school library god damn it. I hated most of the teachers because they were stuck up even though the quality of teaching was terrible. Overall, I didn't like my high school very much due to the lack of competent teachers. University however, I love it to bits. There are no trouble makers, everybody helps each other. The lecture's know the content very well. It's just a nice.
simple: The best thing was the alcohol and the friends!!!
Well, I'll say that I like the professors. They don't get nearly enough respect as they should get, I'm often mad at how rude the students can be. I know it's just a community college, but come one, someone is paying for you to learn there and you get REALLY GOOD teachers too, can't you take off your headphones and stop texting for an hour?

For example, my programming prof is a Russian who has two doctorate degrees and a master's in maths. One of his doctorates is from aeronautical engineering. I know how Russian schools operate so I know that this guy is a f***ing well of knowledge, that this guy is god damn smart. He also has extremely good manners and you can see that he loves teaching. When I meet a teacher like this, I bow down to him because I feel so much respect.

Or my previous programming teacher from an earlier semester was an ooooold asian lady. She was really nice, almost too nice. But god damn, she knew her stuff. I mean damnit, she's in the field since 1960's, she could be teaching us the history of computers, she knows more languages than anyone else I know. But students would make fun of her Shocked .

Maybe it's because I pay for school outta my own pocket, but god damnit, this kind of people should be respected because they have enormous amounts of knowledge and they're willing to share it for free.
The best thing was the access to a whole bunch of free stuff. Free gym/workout facilities, free pool, toilet paper was provided. Just about anything you wanted (besides food) was provided free of charge. Now that I'm out on my own, I can easily afford it, but having to pay for things that were once free feels wrong.
Everyone at my high school is willing to stay and help you with anything. I was having an issue in math on a certain thing and my math teacher saw me in the hall and told me that she was available after school for help. It's just a friendly environment.
The professors.
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