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NFL season

Who will win this year? The Eagles look like the early front runner, but as we know in football, nothing is guaranteed. Your team has to stay healthy or have a deep bench. I think the Ravens will win this year.
Green Bay not the Bears! laugh
Chargers also look good. If they can start well early instead of starting with a 2-4 record like in years past.
How long will Arian Foster be out with his hamstring injury?!
The Ravens do look quite good this year. The defense is great like always and the offense is getting better.

The Eagles actually look like they aren't running on all cylinders like they do in past years.

Is it me or are their more injuries than usual?
The more injuries than usual is probably b/c of the shortened training camp due to the lockout.
It's also interesting to see all the young/rookie quarterbacks doing so well....Dalton, Newton, Painter. Kind of a surprise given the shorten training camps.
The final few weeks should be good. Things are still wide open in the AFC.

Go Black and Gold!

Steelers Baby!
Indeed. Nobody has really taken control of the AFC and besides the Packers and 9ers in the NFC, it's anybody's game.

Who are your picks to win divisions?

I have:
Patriots, Ravens, Raiders, Texans (AFC)

Giants, Packers, Falcons, 49ers (NFC)
Looks like the Packers are going to go undefeated this regular season. They don't have any good teams left on their schedule. While I think they will, I don't think they will win it all. Their secondary has a lot of holes and a team with some good defense and offense has a shot at beating them in a tough playoff game.
Kansas City is playing well again. They knocked off the Packers in a surprise victory yesterday. Jennings being injured sure didn't help.
I saw Drew Brees break Dan Marino's single season passing record last night. 5,000+ yards in 15 games. It's really impressive. Especially considering how short he is compared to other NFL quarter backs.
What an end to the season. The Giants destroyed the Cowboys and knocked them out of playoff birth for the 3rd season in 4 years. The NFC East has some high powered offenses in the the Saints and Packers. I think the Ravens have a shot this year. If their defense can remain stout, Ray Rice runs the ball and Joe Flacco just manages the game, they can stop any of these NFC teams.

New England is good, but their defense isn't Super Bowl caliber.
Well, Steeler is gone - what a bummer. Feel bad for Polumalu - and for hardworking and fantastic players in the Steeler defense. But that overtime slipped off was big - how can a number one defense in the league let that happen on the very first play of the overtime - probably one of the shortest overtime. Big game from Tim Tebow - still can't figure out what this guy will turn out.

I am rooting for Green Bay - I think Packers will defend the championship

Baltimore and New England are contenders

New Orleans has outside chance - I really like their offense.
Giants are going to beat the Packers. Good defense trumps offense every time. Packers don't play defense.

I'm also happy the Steelers got eliminated. I hope it's Raven's v Giants in the SUper Bowl. A rematch from 2000 - 2001.
I can't beieve that Tebow victory. The guy finds ways to win. it's not pretty but he wins big games.
gverutes wrote:
I can't beieve that Tebow victory. The guy finds ways to win. it's not pretty but he wins big games.

not yesterday, when NE passes over, i am very glad for Denver (not for the defeat) because found the QB for the next years, he will have to learn a lot but is a winner

go Broncos
yea once he puts in time this offseason he will improve. the Broncos are in a lot better shape than most teams in the NFL.
Prediction for next week.

New England over Baltimore
New York over Sanfrancisco.

I like to see the rematch of the NFL championship Giants vs Patriots.
I agree. The 49ers might squeek one out against the Giants though. They just don't make many mistakes.
I think Sterling Moore just snatched a game out of Lee Evans hands. What a heart breaking loss for Ravens. New England really looked vulnerable against the Baltimore. It was a game for Ravens to win. Well a bad day for Billy Cundiff ... the Bad day for Baltimore Ravens.

Congratulation to New England Fans. Their defense and offense played equally well. They deserve this win. And it looks like the dynasty is going to continue...
GIANTS are going to crush Belicheck and pretty boy Brady again this year. Pats stink.
NFL draft tonight
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