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MX records Propagation time

hi frihosters. I i recently configured my domain name to use the hosting service of frihost. as per HTTP, everyhing is okay. The only problem is the email. I am getting email from any sender but somehow, my email is not being recieved by yahoo or gmail and others.

i went to and entered blacklist: and we are not blacklisted.
My question is, how long does it takes before email servers be updated so my yahoo and gmail is able to get emails from my domain?
if you can received e-mail, then your mx record is already propagated to sender's dns.

the problem might be with your sendmail/smtp. check your sendmail/smtp log file.

about your question, it's the new domain and the new dns usually will take time to propagated. usually less then 10 minutes now. once everybody knew you exist, they will always check your dns and cache the result according to your TTL time.
hi badai. thanks for your reply. Yes, got it working now. at least it tooke the update 24. now my gmail and yahoo is getting the mails.. This thread can now be closed.
Your mx records usually take upto 48 hours to propagate.
There is a setting on the domain record for TTL (Time to Live), which will refresh at that time... usually default is 3 hours.
Sometimes it may take longer, and then you have to ask your local Network administrator to refresh the DNS, and if that does not work, tell your ISP that you are using to refresh their DNS manually.

To troubleshoot, you can use the nslookup tool that comes with windows and linux distros and at the command prompt, you type :-
>nslookup -type=mx

alternatively, if you have a different nameserver that you want to check from you can type
>nslookup -type=mx

If you get a result entry then it should work
or you can try nslookup -type=mx
and if you get result that cannot find server, then you will need to contact yahoo support to refresh their dns.
Hope this helps you.
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