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Self Esteem as a Social Ill

Over the last 20 or so years, the building of children's self esteem - by any means - has exploded. Social grade promotion in schools - when kids clearly are not ready - is but one example.

While self esteem indeed is important for kids development, the long term consequences of unreasonable self esteem building are alarming. When young people go out into the world with their 'hard won' high school diplomas and fall flat on their faces when they confront the real world, what's to become of them?

When kids are cheered for anything and everything they do, and never made to face certain failures that are sure to happen in their early lives, I believe we are cheating them by filling them with false accomplishments and not allowing them to shine and develop their own unique natural abilities early in their lives.

As adults, I believe we have lost our common sense ability to achieve a good balance between promoting a kid's self esteem and allowing kids to face up to their failures in his or her development. I further think this practice has/is doing a great harm to an entire generation.

Thoughts ..... comments?
Mrs Lycos
I absolutely agree with you. A person grows only when faced with hard times, difficulties, they learn to be better, to overcome their failures. It makes them WANT to be better.
If we make it all easy on them, then everytime they face some difficulty in their lives, they will try to find the easy way out- name it: divorce if marriage is not "fun", cheating in their exams, lying at work, corruption in government (easy money), etc... in all levels they'll try to get things the easy way, the way it was taught to them.

We're going to extremes, to a place where there are no demands on the children. Even if a child has problems and difficulties, there's always something they can achieve to make them improve themselves. It's up to the people in charge to find that - or are they finding the easy way out too? It's much easier to let a difficult child promote a grade with the "social promotion" excuse, than to find something to demand from them to make them earn their promotion, at their level.
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