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YAHOO Conversation

Hi there i just wanna asked. My mother uses yahoo since 2006 and she wants to retrieve some of the Instant Message in chat that she had few years ago way back from 2006.I upgrade her yahoo account and finally it has some conversation tab that can retrieve chat history but very limited. It can only read chat msgs way back 2010 of january..

Now may i ask, is there any option i can do for her so she can retrieve beyond this limit of fetching conversation? Thank you so much! I really need your help. Smile
You can only read them in program chat window, Yahoo encrypts the chats in dat.files and only yahoo program is able to read them. If you can't see the chat in the Chat window it probably not retrievable all thought i didn't research enough that is just what i found so far

oh sorry i forgot to mention that what i'm talking about upgrade account is the new beta yahoo version online. I'm not referring to the messenger itself but to the browser where you can also access yahoo using preferred browser.

I noticed that even on my friends yahoo account (coz i'm not using yahoo), it retrieves his old chat conversation but guess what in year 2008 but it is only in 18th pagination. Which i feel that maybe yahoo only retrieves those chat history up to 18th pagination result. Now i tried to delete 2 set of result in pagination hoping that it would fill up the remaining slot to the oldest one but unfortunately it wasn't behave like that.

Now i have this other wondering if i could remove it first the conversation tab or downgrade yahoo then upgrade again. Hoping of course that maybe the script will fetch again another set of results in 18th pagination and VIOLA my problem will be resolve.
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