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Tablets with Windows 7

I just saw the Acer Iconia tab for the first time today a tablet with a touchscreen and windows 7 in it, at my local shopping center. At the beginning I thought what's the point they should have made a real touchscreen Operating System so I can really use it with my fingers... But I tried for about 15 minutes and I realised that it was still kinda easy to use, I would never play games on it but for an everyday usage it could be useful. Windows 7 is compatible with tons of things so you can use it everywhere and it's very small.

I also heard about the EXOPC slate but never tried it ( ) the things that is great with this one is that you can use whether Windows or a Tablet based OS which is kinda nice. It also sports some USB ports so you can plug-in a mouse for example.

I'm just wondering if anyone else have ever seen some tablets with Windows on it ?
Does it work flawlessly ?
How do you like the touchscreen with windows ?
Would you use it on an everyday basis ?
A major weakness of many devices is the bad touch. The few slates with capacitive touchscreen (Amtek, Hanwang Malata) can operate much more fluid than other models. When the Chinese manufacturer Malata you could try directly, because there were two identical until the touch technology models. When resistive working PC-A1001 comes forward only one tough, the elimination of the keyboard acts as a constraint. But the PC-A1001H reacted so fast that it came up a little curiosity as to whether one can literally get Windows with a finger in the handle. Malata has installed a user interface called Blue Dolphin, which simplifies launching of programs - in contrast, works with resistive panels hardly the start with a double in the first attempt without errors.

Ultimately makes Windows 7 without a keyboard and mouse, even with perfect input method is no fun. The installed by some manufacturers tools to help anything. But at least if normal Windows software is used, the finger operation fails.
One should perhaps remember the Chinese manufacturer with its brand Hanwang Hanvon: He is, after all, self-conscious and wants to become world market leader in e-book readers in two years. Hanwang not like the big production itself, the tablets come from FIC and Pegatron. With two models Hanwang is launched. The B20 has a 10-inch display that responds only to pen input, the B10 is more interesting: It can be due to the capacitive multi-touch displays, which reacted immediately gratifying to finger gestures to operate smoothly. However, it weighs nearly one kilogram. Hanwang is targeting a price of 600 U.S. dollars.
Tablets with Windows 8 will not support Adobe Flash, which is why, among other users on many sites are no videos to watch. With this decision, Microsoft is in Apple's society. Founder Steve Jobs has always said that he holds flash for error-prone and unreliable. To this day, have iPhone and iPod owners do not, users of Android Tablets are not.
tdossi wrote:
Tablets with Windows 8 will not support Adobe Flash, which is why, among other users on many sites are no videos to watch. With this decision, Microsoft is in Apple's society. Founder Steve Jobs has always said that he holds flash for error-prone and unreliable. To this day, have iPhone and iPod owners do not, users of Android Tablets are not.

omg what a new? really "Tablets with Windows 8 will not support Adobe Flash" ?
Well I am also hearing this first time that tablets with windows 8 having problems with adobe flash. Do apple also have this problem ?
Yes Apple iphone does not support for Flash.

But Android still support for Flash Smile
Adobe wants to customize the Flash Player for mobile devices, not to new browser, operating system versions or configurations and options. "For the current playbook and Android configurations, however, Adobe will continue to provide updates in critical cases. The summary of the message is: "Adobe stops development of the Flash player for mobile browsers."

Companies that have licensed the Flash source code from Adobe can continue to develop the software though, but Adobe's direction shows clearly in a Flash-free future - at least on mobile devices. Another problem is that Adobe with Flash Player itself does not make money, but with programs that allow the applications to be developed. Only the development of programs to bring Adobe money, and this will put the manufacturer in future technologies such as HTML5.
When it comes to flash for IOS Adobe and Apple have clashed repeatedly, but Adobe seems to relent now, so that Flash runs in the future iDevices, and without the flash. The Adobe announced at the International Broadcast Conference in Amsterdam. In summary, flash videos are automatically encoded so that you can view them under IOS.

Flash works in detail, thanks to the iOS Fakts that Adobe allows the server to Flash to stream to an iPhone or iPad, so that Flash itself no longer has to run on the device. The solution packaged content in real time and just re-change the format according to the target device. As a result, IOS devices will enjoy the benefits of flash, without the processor is overloaded or the battery to drain faster. Especially these two aspects to Apple's own statements were always stumbling block, and the reason for the abandonment of Flash.
current tablets based on windows 7 on the market are weak and are not capable to handle most of huge softwares like Matlab, i like to have a tablet with win 7 but as i said they are weak now and we have to wait a little more to see new generation of intel Atom tablets on the market.

tablets which will come with N2800 intel Atom CPUs are a lot more powerful and will give you better experience with win7 and even with windows 8. so i suggest everyone to wait for the next gen CPUs to become popular.
Hello friend i saw Nokia 808 at MWC at a blog.
Windows 7 tablets are cool, but aren't particularly useful in my opinion. The amount of stuff you can do with them doesn't really exceed a tablet running something like Android, and the Windows 7 interface isn't designed for tablets, even if they add in extra stuff to try and make things easier. Windows 8 looks more promising, but I still think it's a bit of a waste, as you're trying to cram a full OS into a portable device.
YuP! you will surely lose stuff.
And what for developpers on windows 8 ? They won't be able to do what they want because it is too **touchscreen** if I could say
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