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Dating Sites/Social Networks the only chance for love?

Is trying to meet someone on the Internet is "normal" to you_
 40%  [ 2 ]
 60%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 5

What happens when you realize that you are spending an hours a day, desperately trying to meet someone on one oh those Dating kind of sites!?
Should you be worry about it, should you ask your self, is that really your last chance for it something just normal, meaning that every generation has it's own way to communicate!
My opinion is that if you do things normally, in a way that you don't rush into anything...or that you don't let the imagination or disillusions to misguide you, there is a chance that you could find someone anywhere including the Internet. But you should never act extremely, doing just one kind of things...never say never to old fashion way of meeting the girls or boys!
Never used a dating site, it's a bit too much like shopping on ebay for me.
Good luck to anyone who does, but I prefer meeting girls in the real world during shared interest pastimes.
Whatever anyone says, there is no substitute to actually looking someone in the eye without a screen in the way. I do appreciate its ideal for some people, but I'd rather get chatting to someone at a local bands gig or similar, at least you know you honestly like the same stuff.
watersoul wrote:
Never used a dating site, it's a bit too much like shopping on ebay for me.

i think is not the same, not even close, i never use a site like that for find a girl, i think the people need to stand in front of each other to have a chance to real conect, and i talking about a mostly people, becuase there is couples that maybe made it in this way, but for that is like surrender part of what we are.
mazito wrote:
watersoul wrote:
Never used a dating site, it's a bit too much like shopping on ebay for me.

i think is not the same, not even close,

Not even close?
Urm, create a profile, search the site for exactly what you want, look at pictures and exaggerated statements about the particular qualities of the advertiser, email in response if you like what you see, whilst competing with many other 'bidders'.
Are you sure that strong line 'not even close' is really so accurate? The only difference I see is that money doesn't change hands and the 'products' are human beings Rolling Eyes

As I said earlier, if other people find them useful then great, but personally, aside from posting here on Frihost, I prefer the main bulk of my interactions with people to be in the real world. Especially when it comes to finding women for friendship, romance or even a no-strings attached one night stand.
At least when I meet women, I know straight away if I'm attracted to them, not by looking through pictures where the 'advertiser' has simply chosen the most flattering image they could find of themselves.
i mean about, in ebay (or any shop on line), i buy things that i know for sure, i dont want to buy nothing that previously dont know about.

my opinion was in first person, not what i think about, because i think that relationships is same as a sales, every one is a salesmen, we all conscious or unconscious, do that, o act of sale, against a rival in love, against a brother/sister with parents etc.
mazito wrote:
i think that relationships is same as a sales, every one is a salesmen,

I certainly agree with you there Laughing
I am sure that you aware of how many people today are active on such sites...I just can not find any relevant research about how much people get involve in some kind of relationships from such sites...but the illusion that Dating sites create in people's heads is not something that should be underestimated.
I was lucky to meet someone special fairly early.

But I think, live your life, join clubs and stuff about your interests, talk to people at work, go out with your friends, and while you are busy enjoying your life you will meet someone.

I think people are more attracted to people who are out there doing things they love, more than people who seem to be obsessing over finding a partner.

This method, even if it takes a while, you are having fun Smile

That is what I tell my sister Smile

So, I have nothing against dating sites, but if I had to look for a partner, I probably wouldn't go that way. And I agree with the OP.
I have never used, really not those dating sites. Good people have few friends and those few friends should be very good. To be very good friends there should be meeting of minds. Meeting of minds means understanding of each other's behavior and character and deal without hurting them. For this the social network helps for the existing friends and known friends. But dating sites is that where we chat and plan to date whom we never known. So, these sites are as a online market, ebay.
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