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The use of the Scientic method use for Dumbing down..


I'm writing a section on my site about Dumbing Down. I can't post my text here as its too long.

Link Here

I am going to go ahead with this page. But I would like your opinion or advice, even other links.

Thank you!
Possum wrote:

I'm writing a section on my site about Dumbing Down. I can't post my text here as its too long.

Link Here

I am going to go ahead with this page. But I would like your opinion or advice, even other links.

Thank you!

Haven't seen the video but good find, generally speaking, I do think that we are being dumbed down, the industrial revolution brought pollution - increased toxicity in our mind and bodies, food that is not good for you, distractions that dissociate us from reality, like TV and Cinema, and increased stress in the uber competitive world we live in. All these factors should be taken as overall variables diminishing our rational thinking capabilities.

You could argue that the scientific advances of the 20th century brought us a better world, that the human being has increased its life span a few years since modern medicine developed. But is that the truth? Can you really say that we are better now? This process is reaching its tipping point, its climax, progressively, we are being dumbed down more and more with each new generation.
You are very correct.

The controllers are getting better. But so are we. I was a simple factory worker. But I broke out and rediscovered my intellect.

Proper use of the internet can be a tool that can free you..

Good Luck
You make a couple of assertions that I question and one I don't understand.
Firstly :
I believe the development and implementation of the scientific method has never stopped, and it exist in a refined form in our modern education system. It is known as Dumbing down.
I don't understand this. Most people have no clue what the scientific method is and I think that if people ARE being taught the method then that is a big positive.

Certainly hard and prolonged physical work leaves the average person mentally unable to learn to a level comparably to the leisurely rich whom made many of the scientific break thru's we marvel at.
Two assertions here that I question.
a) Hard and prolonged physical work is dying out in the west. Even the most lowly job is now much much less arduous than a generation ago. Many such jobs offer plenty of opportunity to learn, since they require very little thought and leave sufficient time and energy to study.
b) Are you sure that the leisurely rich make many scientific breakthroughs? They did once, but that was because they were the only people who could read and write. I think you will find that, in the modern world, most of the breakthroughs come about as a result of a huge amount of work by small groups of scientists who are completely professional (ie they get their living from science) and not at all dilettante rich loafers.

The video from Ken Robinson was exactly what I expected. I've been to one of his lectures in Manchester. He is witty, entertaining, and pretty much spot-on with his analysis.
Thank you Bikerman

Yes I need to make changes and will certainly follow your advice.

I wrote from my own experiences which is a factory process worker where I would work so hard I would literally sweat all day even though I was in a freezer. NOT A GOOD TIME.

I now am a night security guard where I work week on and week off. ON my week off I am on the net doing programming and doing my website. My new job is like being born again.

P.S. I went to your site very interesting. There is a ghost where I work. lol...
I am finding the whole thing about 'scientific method' very confusing. Can you please elaborate here just what you mean by 'scientific method'?

I think the chap in the video spot on when it comes to the system as it stands making people feel smart or not smart based on their academic type achievement. Smart comes in many forms and everyone is good at some things and not others and the system certainly values some things more than others, things which are not necessarily going to be useful outside of school.

Your site suggests a reason why there is a focus on smart and not smart - those in control need people to do manual labour, and once you are doing manual labour it is hard to find the time or energy to better yourself. Certainly, as Bikerman points out, this is not as pronounced as it once was, a dedicated person will find the time and energy, but most people use their down time to relax in what ever manner they can, and as Navigator points out, there are many distractions to use up that time.

I am very glad you have rediscovered your intellect Smile and found a job that can cater to it Smile

I love the concept of your website. I think over time if you keep developing it, it will be a good resource and will get the hits you desire. I think it is a great idea, with the computer tutorials tied in well with education through your inspiring philosophy, a roughly 'don't let the bastards get you down' idea that most of us can relate to. (I think you still need to work on the clarity of it and the message, but the gist of it is pretty inspiring considering people are going there to learn).

If indeed your goal is to get enough hits to turn over a reasonable profit, as suggested on one of your pages, then I may suggest you reconsider the news page, which doesn't tie into the website in its current form, unless you plan to expand this to tie into a broader goal of learning, which at the moment is not exactly how it strikes me.

This news page strikes me as an add-in which has only the potential to unneccessarily alienate some people, as you have overtly right-wing views in this section, and there are millions/billions of people who believe in climate change, and plenty of left-wing people who would not appreciate this.

If I was making a similar site, randomly popping in a link to:
Tea Party: dangerous or plain dumb?
Why religious people are wankers

It would be likely to put certain groups of people offside pretty quickly. On a different site with different goals, your links may well be appropriate, but I'm not so sure in this case.

Aside from the rubbish about banks and all environmentalists being socialist, it is a very interesting website and some clever ideas.

Thank you for your reply.. I need to work on my thoughts and web page. I have now over 600 pages to rewrite and examine so I am really great full for your comments, and everyone else's comments.

The main theme I am trying to covey is that there is something wrong with the education system. It is purposeful in nature and that this is not an accident. Which is very sinister indeed.
Hello_World wrote:
I am finding the whole thing about 'scientific method' very confusing. Can you please elaborate here just what you mean by 'scientific method'?

I'm currently preparing a document on this which I intend to post as a 'sticky' - and I'll put a reference here when finished (I should have time today to complete it).
How about flouride?

The Invisible IQ Lowering Drug Most Americans Consume Daily
Okay I imagined that the computer stuff was the key, maybe because this is the kind of thing I am personally attracted to in a web site.

But the education focus is cool, having an idea and a place to take action Smile
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