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URL Masking with .TK

HI guys,
Does anyone know how to do URL Masking with .tk? Please reply back as soon as possible because I would like to use .tk for my website but I don't know how to mask the URL. Thanks and btw this is my first post.
Why should it not go in TK domains?

Save as e.g. encode_url.vbs
'Start with the URL as a parameter
'-> Encode_url.vbs 2Fsonsiges
'Start Without URL -> input box for the URL

Option Explicit

Dim sURL, wsh, oArgs, i, j, ie
Dim sC(15,1)

'Character string for masking

sC(0,0) = " ": sC(0,1) = "%20"
sC(1,0) = "!": sC(1,1) = "%21"
sC(2,0) = "#": sC(2,1) = "%23"
sC(3,0) = "%": sC(3,1) = "%25"
sC(4,0) = "*": sC(4,1) = "%2A"
sC(5,0) = "/": sC(5,1) = "%2F"
sC(6,0) = "<": sC(6,1) = "%3C"
sC(7,0) = ">": sC(7,1) = "%3E"
sC(8,0) = "?": sC(8,1) = "%3F"
sC(9,0) = chr(196): sC(9,1) = "%C4" '""
sC(10,0) = chr(214): sC(10,1) = "%D6" '""
sC(11,0) = chr(220): sC(11,1) = "%DC" '""
sC(12,0) = chr(223): sC(12,1) = "%DF" '""
sC(13,0) = chr(228): sC(13,1) = "%E4" '""
sC(14,0) = chr(246): sC(14,1) = "%F6" '""
sC(15,0) = chr(252): sC(15,1) = "%FC" '""

'sC (, 0) = "": sC (, 1) = "%"' The larger array is not forgotten

'If other characters are then required, the list can be expanded. under
'read out the decimal and calculated by dec-> hex conversion of the hex code.

Set oArgs = WScript.Arguments
Set wsh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
If oArgs.Count > 0 Then

sURL = oArgs(0)

sURL = InputBox("URL hierher kopieren !", "URL dekodieren")
End If

If IsEmpty(sURL) Or sURL="" Then

wsh.PopUp "Keine URL eingegeben !", 3 ', "",vbOK + vbError

End If

sURL = Replace(sURL, "\\", "//", 1, 1, vbTextCompare)
If Left(sURL, 1) = """" Then sURL = Right(sURL, Len(sURL)-1)
If Right(sURL, 1) = """" Then sURL = Left(sURL, Len(sURL)-1)

If InStr(1, sURL, " href="/"") Then

i = InStr(1, sURL, " href="/"") + 7

j = InStr(i, sURL, """")

sURL = Mid(sURL, i, j - i)
End If

If Left(sURL, 7) = "http://" Or Left(sURL, Cool = "https://" Then
ElseIf Left(sURL, 6) = "ttp://" Or Left(sURL, 7) = "ttps://" Then

sURL = "h" & sURL
ElseIf Left(sURL, 5) = "tp://" Or Left(sURL, 6) = "tps://" Then

sURL = "ht" & sURL
ElseIf Left(sURL, 4) = "p://" Or Left(sURL, 5) = "ps://" Then

sURL = "htt" & sURL
ElseIf Left(sURL, 3) = "://" Or Left(sURL, 4) = "s://" Then

sURL = "http" & sURL
ElseIf Left(sURL, 2) = "//" Then

sURL = "http:" & sURL
ElseIf Left(sURL, 1) = "/" Then

sURL = "http:/" & sURL

sURL = "http://" & sURL
End If
For i = 0 To UBound(sC)

sURL = Replace(sURL, sC(i,1), sC(i,0))

If wsh.popup("If the URL starts in IExplorer:" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & sURL & _

vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Link is copied into the clipboard" & vbCrLf & _

"IExplorer can ask whether the page can access the clipboard", 15, _

"Browser: You have 15 sec time", vbYesNo + vbQuestion ) = vbYes Then

Set ie = WScript.CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

On Error Resume Next

With ie

.navigate "about:blank"

.visible = True

Do While .busy


wsh.AppActivate("blank Page - Windows Internet Explorer")

.navigate sURL

.Document.parentWindow.clipboardData.setData "Text", sURL
'.Quit 'IExplorer close

End With
End If
Domain with the. Tk. there are free also.
http:/ - here you get a free domain with the ending tk.. However, you must meet certain conditions to ensure that your domain will remain free. I advise against that provider, not because you are the owner of the domain.
Just go to !! Its the best thing if you want to get a good looking domain for your large domain !

Even the good thing is that it gets indexed also by Google search engine .
The domain under is free.
Anyone can test it easily.
Is a good idea.
So everyone can even form an opinion. Smile
Dot. TK is a superb platform for URL masking. get a free domain and have fun with it!!! I used it for my own website, and it works like anything. Also, it has features you can't's great for new designers like me, who are talented and are searching for a good domain for free. Smile Laughing
Hello asnani04,

Thanks for the information.
That's great.
Now try it.

Greeting tdossi Very Happy
A small island of 12km (had) received the Top Level Domain. Tk. The domain suffix has been virtually sold and is now managed alien. The domain suffix. Tk is hailed as the telecommunications domain, or used in Turkey and spare domains ( The great thing: Anyone can register for free any number of free addresses ( The constraint: If the domain is less than 25 times in 90 days, it will be deleted.

Another feature: or tinyurl instead you can enter a URL to and this is reduced to a domain name. The advantage: instead of cryptic abbreviations obtain meaningful domain name as a replacement link. It is of course a strong resource waste, but ultimately it is the owner of a whole. TK domain king over all the domain names. Remains now to be hoped that the registration authority is reminiscent of the registration period for which I paid.

Another treat: If you are registered as providers or developers, you get an API to access automated with a script to search and register domains. So far, I have unfortunately only one "authorized emergency, contact support .." message, even though my login and password were correct. Doing so is a "Password mismatch" came back. The idea: to make more people for tk advertising, the more famous and valuable is this TLD..
tdossi wrote:
A small island of 12km (had) received the Top Level Domain. Tk.

According to Wikipedia, Tokelau is made out of 3 atolls, not a single Island which are very far apart from each other.
The atolls that make up Tokelau today were probably settled about 1000 years ago by the Polynesians. There is very little known about the origin of the sailors, but probably the first Tokelauer came from Samoa, Rarotonga (Cook Islands) and Nanumaga (Tuvalu). However, there was not then the combined Tokelau, which we know today, but the individual atolls were independent and hostile units. Only a series of wars in the 18th Century marked the beginning of a united Tokelau. Fakaofo conquered the other two atolls Nukunonu and Atafu, so that in the name of the god Tui Tokelau (see religion) could develop a new common land called Tokelau.
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