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How to email exe files?

ISPs Charter, Gmail and perhaps other ISPs will not accept attachments containing 'exe' files OR 'zip' files that contain exe files. I assume this is to reduce/prevent malware. This is very annoying.

Does anyone know how to email exe files?

Changing the file name from file.exe to say and then attaching works I think. But the email addressee must save/detach the file and rename it back to file.exe. This can be a challenge to some PC users.

Any ideas?
zip it with password?
or just send it using filehosting site.
Just compress it using WinZIP or WINRAR and send it ! Razz
you need to encrypt the file name too when you compress it. winrar got this option.
step 1. First, download Winrar
step 2. Right click on the file you to want compress/e-mail. Choose "Add to archive" -> go to "Advanced" -> "Set Password". And then press "Ok".
step 3. E-mail the compressed file, along with the password


All you need to do is rename it,Your email program will not recognize it as an executable file and will send it without any problems.
step 1 :just rename the program.exe to program.txt
step 2 :attach the file x.txt
step 3 :intimate the receiver to rename the program.txt to program.exe

The part about this process that gives people trouble is the fact that Microsoft doesn¡¯t make renaming file extensions very easy for the lay-user ¨C especially since Windows XP and now, Vista. You can¡¯t simply change a file extension by right-clicking and selecting ¡°Rename,¡± or pressing F2. Not immediately, at least.
how you can make this possible.
Open up the Control Panel. Then select ¡°Folder Options.¡± In Vista, you¡¯ll have to switch to ¡°Classic View¡± first. After opening Folder Options, select the ¡°View¡± tab. Look down that list until you see where it says, ¡°Hide extensions for known file types.¡± Make sure this box is NOT checked. Click apply, and you¡¯re ready to go. Now you can rename files and change their extensions by just pressing F2 or right-clicking and selecting ¡°Rename.¡±
Just remove the .exe and replace it with .txt or anything you like. I use .psd google doesnot use .psd image viewers Idea
Packing it in either a .rar or a 7zip file gets around this.
I usually upload it to a filehosting client, and email the person a download link. Dropbox also has this nifty feature where you can generate a public download link for any file in a particular folder. Its really useful for distributing scripts and stuff, especially for files that don't take up a lot of space.
if u are using any email client it's so easy:
just compress it and send it.
or change the extension of the file to mmm or something. ( need the receiver to be a good dealing with computer).

or upload it to any file share website.


if u are using gmail, then there is no one solution except uploading it to a website then paste the link to the receiver.
Thanks all for the great ideas!
Wow, zip it seems like the best idea...

I tend to open the EXE in notepad++ and remove the first Character (remembering what it is) and then changing the extension to .BLAH or something... this also works Smile

Dennise wrote:
Thanks all for the great ideas!
What about renaming the file and give the instructions on how to make it work inside the file name?
most of the times, attachments are not filtered by the ISP but by the mailserver at the other end.
like our company tends to block .exe's aswell.
compressing it with an archiver such as 7zip and password protecting was also mentionned but keep it in mind that these will be flagged as unsafe because most servers use an AV to scan the file and this will fail because it can't extract the file without a password.
simply renaming the file may also help "some.exe" to "some.txt" but as a result most people will open the file in notepad and tell you that they can't read the text. also, I don't think that the AV cares about the extention as it will see that the file is a binary file and not ascii.

your best bet is a filesharing site like or
The best way i know if it to winzip or winrar the exe most email servers wont allow exe for security reasons. Shocked
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