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Punish topic openers that disappear

Da Rossa
What about a measure to punish topic starters with less than X posts that just post something important, specially in the relationships forum, and don't come back for the feedback? It appears that some problems they bring, yet plausible, are either not actually relevant to them or even unreal, because they post and leave the forum.

I've seen topics with a question preceeded by a nice short story asking for advice, then the usual (not one, not two) repliers show up, but the opener disappears. This is not good because we become eager to know the unfolds of their cases.

This policy could come in the positive way as well, such as some more points, but I don't figure anything close to a formula.
I don't think it is really a big deal, as I never see the question that is asked as a personal question belonging to one individual only, more like a universal question that many others can relate to, even months after it has been asked.
Bad idea. New members are going to be less likely to post at all if they feel like they're being locked into future responses, especially if it's a personal topic.
Da Rossa
But why did I get on Frihost in the first place? I read Bondings' description about the hosting and how to mantain it: posting in a forum. I found that interesting. At first, I found that "5 quality posts" would be silly. But then I realised that it was true that I would, naturally, "enjoy posting in the forums". That's what happened. So, I feared the sanction of removal of my hosting account and started posting, then I liked it. What about people fearing about their accounts or loss of some points so they can begin coming back?
Punish how?

If they just post once and leave, what punishment could you give them that would have any affect at all?

Submit their email to spam mailing lists?
Da Rossa
Perhaps "punishment" was not the most appropriate word. But some kind of mechanism, maybe an addition to the rules. Anything. We repliers have expectations too!
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