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Well now it has finaly arrived the WinTweaX Community Very Happy
The site is about replacement shells and all kinda tweaks and stuff for Windows.

and i would like to hear some opinions of my site what i should improve and that kinda stuff Razz

and please if you are interested of the subject of my site please do register, thnks Smile
and then if you know any kinda nice stuff for my website please do submit it to my site.

[My Site]

and yeah i still havent almost inserted any content to the site yet but i am going to under these near days put some content to the site Smile
Hello there. Like any Windows Tweak site it is nesessary to have an constant flow of [new] material. Just a recommendation that is. One little thing, I hate to put-down in any way, but the brown was a major turn-off on my first impression. I suggest a different color scheme in order to attain more members. But it has, like all webdesign entrepreneurs, potential nonetheless. Have a good day.
Thank you for your opinion Smile
I am trying my best to improve the site.. the site has been up only for a few hours from now so there will definitly be more content there after a few days Very Happy
and about the color i like it my self, but i could change it to Dark Gray or something Rolling Eyes
no one else Sad???? pls i need your opinions

and plz tell me if there is something wrong with the site Crying or Very sad
It is a nicely structured website... Very Happy

Only the color... Confused

Try blue Very Happy

James Smile
I like the look of your site, its awesome
cool site bro...any updates?>>>
I thought that the colors & the theme looked cool...
The navigation bar is pretty clear & the page didn't take long to load...
Overall, at the moment (assuming that you do put more content on) I would give it an 8/10 Very Happy
Thanks Smile

i think i will now let this site color stay for a while it seems to be quite nice Wink

I am trying to submit new stuff as much as possible when i have time.

today i am going to upload 2 of my own made themes for SharpE and maybe some other stuff too Rolling Eyes

Everybody is welcome to submit tweaks and other stuff to the site ofcourse Smile
Website Updated go and take a look Cool

And please do register if you have some interest in making you windows look nicer Smile
nice site man, just one advice is to mayeb get a better banner. that would complete your site. i didnt see a site map either, if you have one then disregard this, but i think i sait map in your site would be really helpful to people who are trying to find specific things, and maybe a search option too. but hey these are my ideas so use them if you want.

once again nice site.

See Ya
cool i like it..i like tweaking windows... Very Happy
umm.. Very Happy i havent been using the right color theme for the banner because i was checkin out other color themes and then i fortgot to change it back to the original Razz

and a search option i have in the Navigation Menu Cool
could u put some tutorials on or some mac stuff maybe??? Question
Sorry i dont own a mac and the site is dedicated for windows tweaks Sad
okay i have added some more content to the site again so go on and check
out the new stuff Cool
seeing as how its a microsoft user geared site, i would think you would want to change the colour scheme if nothing else. Its a nice and organized layout. However, seeing the way that microsoft is heading, trying to make things kind of light and "user friendly" emulating the simplicity of MAC more and more every day. I would think you would want to stick to light blues and whites. Most people viewing your site will most likely be more attracted to these simpler, "cleaner" colours.
I was just about my self to change the colour scheme to
white and blue.. so now i am sure that i am going to switch to it Smile

thanks! Cool
very nicely
Does any one have any advice on how to get people registering to my site Sad?
i realy would like to get some members to my site because i dont know how long i will be having this page online without knowing if there is any interested people to my site :\
I will be having this site up for a week or two, if i wont get any knowledge of some interest to my site then i think i will change the subject of the siteto something else . Rolling Eyes

Its ok, but its a bit bland
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