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What kind of art is in your house?

S3nd K3ys
I've got some family photos, some advertising stuff I did for Divix, some Parkes and Mukai's, an Utne (Kevin Schwantz), some (signed/numbered) Crespinel lithographs of Rainey, Doohan and Schwantz, and some crayon art by Chantz.

Oh, and some dead stuff on the floors by Cats

One of the Crespinel's is GP Heros. I got it signed by Doohan and Schwantz, but Rainey had just gotten in the accident. He signed it a few months later. Not sure if that's good or bad. Prolly good.

The Divix stuff, (a golf tool), I had my hands in on many aspects of production/advertising. I programmed and made part of the mold that was used, did some advertisement art for it, and did some web site stuff too.

Some of the artwork and web stuff:



Here's the core for the mold that I programmed/machined from tool steel.

a picture of Frida Kahlo
a painting my husband's aunt created (Blancarte)
various pottery

and pictures/paintings I've done
Many paintings (private artists), photos and my Yamaha keyboard Very Happy

Giant male goat dancing on the kitchen table. Chicken knuffeling in under the graphics card in my main puter. Sofas being occupied by big dawgs. Schleeping with earplugs so my wifes ****** chicken don't wake me up at 03.00. Hunting hunters on my land. Geese having a lovefest in the Schwimmingpool,, oh it never ends......


My Dutch wife yelling at the top of her lungs (makes Hell seem attractive). Dawgs barking (19 of em). Me playing my Digital Geita (Keltic Bagpipe revisited).......


Old Planet's Aquarelles (he resently died here on the Planetes) they cover a huge wall. Photos of the living on the cooler. Photos of the dead on the Dead-Wall.
Hmm I don't really have any art in my house, although if I did I would try and get some interesting stuff by Escher.
just some pictures of local artist and a chinese handwriting work beside, nothing more~
some pictures of me and my family, ALOT of anime wall-scrolls i bought in the US, some fuzzy stuffed animals of my sister, and one or two really amazing paintings that my friend draw.
oh yeha! and tons of tons of CD's [only in my room]

thats all, it think.
the only "art" i have is posters of Oasis all landlord is an oasis freak and he has pasted them on all the walls i can see :p

And there are some other random pictures of my with gf or other posters
what kind of art .. .... um, it's a good question.

actually i am the art, haha. i have lots of photography works and i like drawing too. i hang some of them in the living room. Besides, i play flute and dance. So i am the origin of art at home ~~~~
I've a few paintings and "needpoint" pictures.
some egyptian wall hangings, 2 huge posters of suzuki hayabusa's, 1 of a kawasaki ninja, 1 of ducati, 1 werder bremen flag, photo's of my family and close friends, my guitar, postcards from several countries, and several trinkets and souveneirs that i have from friends...Smile
a cannon model using bullet's shell.
an old Art Nouveau chair, courtesy Charles Edouard Jeanneret
Paintings of old European Farmhouses, some other scenery/landscape paintings and tons of my son and daughters water color and crayon creations.
Maybe some sculptures are ok. Oh, I like Rhine very much,so any picture of it is nice.
my photography works
paintings bought from some artists
edward munch - scream Wink
graffiti on the wall in my room (is it art too?)
my own art and photography, only.
A few paintings and and an old sculpture

there are more pictres
i posted here already but just wanted to add that ive been really into doing portraits this past year with oil pastels. Painting has always been a challenge as well. I like it because not many people do it, and if it were easy, they would.
Photography is easy, thats why everyone does and theres SO much bad photos out there. If they all had to develop black and white, they think more before puching the shutter button.
Mostly paintings which my wife has purchased, but one which I bought. Seagulls on a beach by Stephen somebody. I've never heard of him before but I really like that painting.

Personally I'm not a big fan of art, I would just have plain walls, I would much rather have a small modern flat with high tech components in then a large old house.
Well I am in india
Which is rich in these kinda resources.

Well eevrything is art here Laughing
Not much at all. Just my kids drawings Very Happy
The only art in my home is from people I've actually met who've created it. Some groovy paintings my little boy made, a few lovely abstract pieces different friends have made over the years, and also some lovely paintings from a poor artist I met in Thailand and a struggling artist I spent time with in Kuala Lumpar.
I haven't ever bought a painting from someone I've never met, call me strange maybe, but it seems to mean much more to me when I know the person who created the thing I find beautiful!
mostly photographs of me and my family. some paintings and cross-stitches.
The only art I have in my house is my own. Paintings only. I like alot of glass though but I don't consider buying glass stuff from say marshalls to be art.
I have some interesting art i guess you could say..there's a cool oil painting of a house on a lake that we've had up forever...and some posters and things like that...
Well im new to this site, so can anyone help me figure out how to get started? lol Rolling Eyes
A photo of che guevara, and a painting i got from my aunt.
In fact I really miss something on my walls, but unfortunately I haven't gotten around to get anything up yet... I moved into my apartment like 1 years ago, and since I haven't succeded in buying (or creating) anything to put up... It has to be said though, that the size of the place actually doesn't leave much room for anything in the first place, but a little would be nice..
A guitar and some bookshelves are the only things hanging so far..
My wife is learning to be a painter. All our walls have her paintings---some,some bad and some ugly.
But I don't say anything to her as that would discourage her She is using painting as therapy to overcome depression re her celiac disease.
My dad also paints (pretty good actually... he already sold some of them) and we also have some ivory stuff in our house mainly because someone in my family (family of my grandfather) lived in Congo, which was a Kolony of Belgium Razz , He sent paintings, little sculptures (with ivory and wood ofcourse)...

I like black and white photography, so I have a lot of that. In my bedroom, I have a black and white vintage Beatles poster and a black and white Pulp Fiction poster. I also have a lot of trinkets and sparkly things. I'm kind of a collector of odd little thrift store baubles and stuff.
As I am sat here working, (or posting), I am surrounded by some of the finest works of art ever created.

All of them have been lovingly handcrafted by the single most talented individual in the world.

My three year old boy has created crayon drawings of bunnies, me, his teddy bear, the house, our dogs and various abstract swirls. He has also given me hand prints, finger painted creations of vibrant colours, and even a painted egg.

Am I not the most privileged person on the planet to be rewarded every day with works of art which have had the artist's love and devotion invested with every grubby thumb print, every sweep of the crayon and every moment spent with a small tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth as he thinks hopefully of the joy and gratitude his efforts will generate?

I wouldn't have anything else on my wall.
many paintings I did in college, plus some little statues and things hanging on the walls from various trips. Trinkets from Peru, the Yucatan, Italy, Puerto Rico, all over the US, etc.
I got a weird range of different pieces of art. The only central theme is that they piqued my interest in some weird way.
Well i have photos that i have taken with my camera, i think that my photography work it a part of art.... also i have alot of photo graphix print all over my room u can check out some of them here
Digging up old post! Rolling Eyes LOL
Most of the pictures in my house came from printing industry trade shows. Printing press manufacturers were handing them out as samples of how well their equipment worked. Some are 24" x 36" in size. I had them dry-mounted and framed.
well...I don't have any art of my own. I suppose its cause I've still got relatives living with me. When I get my own home I'll look into it tho. Maybe just some photos for the walls as I don't like too many things in my way.
I simply have a picture I drew of an anime character on my dorm wall. In fact, I get alot of comments on it, and someone actually asked me if I am an art major lol.
Some nice watercolors by a local artist (which have appreciated a lot, since the university started buying some of her stuff...) and a bunch of pointillism prints as well as some others.
I have some oil paintings, mostly of landscapes and portrait studies. There are two that I have had most of my life, and which have sentimental value. I have changed their frames a couple of times. I seem to always add one as I move from one place to the other. I am quite picky, so it would take quite a while for me to find just the right art. And then to find the right frame for it.
My wife and I have a couple peace posters, one of martin luther king, and two of marilyn monroe. We also have a wall of photographs taken during different international trips. We also have andean art, which includes some very colorful sheet hangings and pottery. I know it sounds like an odd combination, but it all surprisingly blends pretty well.
I just bought my first house, and am planning to put up mostly art deco-era prints. I tend to find some of the most interesting stuff in old ads, so I might do up some of those poster size and frame them.
georgeodowd wrote:
I just bought my first house, and am planning to put up mostly art deco-era prints. I tend to find some of the most interesting stuff in old ads, so I might do up some of those poster size and frame them.
There are some nice ideas at if you are interested to explore.
Hi all,

Well major art in my house is in the drawing room, one of the art is a velvet painting, it has elephants and a scenery drawn on it. Another piece of art which is there for many years is a wooden art. A piece of scenery drawn on wood, also kind of sculptured art.

many other art pieces include photos of Gods.
deanhills wrote:
georgeodowd wrote:
I just bought my first house, and am planning to put up mostly art deco-era prints. I tend to find some of the most interesting stuff in old ads, so I might do up some of those poster size and frame them.
There are some nice ideas at if you are interested to explore.

Oh yeah, they do have some cool stuff. Thanks! I'll be looking into this.
My house (well, my parent's house) has quite a large number of art pieces hanging around on just about any given wall, the majority of which are cross stitches (and similar) that my mother has made over the years. Aside from those there's two moderately old paintings of some vaguelly creepy looking flower girl and rural house on a canvas the shape of Australia.
i have a few lamps I designed and made in schol.. thats about it
I don't consider it art, but I had some professional photos of my wife and I when she was pregnant on the wall. That's it... pretty bare place now that I think about it. I should spruce it up a bit heh.
i don't have any art in my house.
A Led Zeppelin poster, drawings by me, some photography, a painting of a cat, some maps, and a poster of the Milky Way galaxy from National Geographic.
Mainly paintings by my great grandfather, some taken in Cornwall of nice little cottages and things.

Also... my main staircase in my house (suitably named the stairway to heaven) is decorated with a LOT of led zeppelin posters - my parents are mentalist fans.
I have got lots of paintings I have made on the walls. They are not so good, probably not good enough for hanging on a wall, but yeah, these are the only art I have on my walls. I also have some posters which I do not consider art.
Its wonderful to know that many of you also have your own painting/art at your home! Wink
I have nothing . I am not a man know how to enjoy life .
My family has some old portraits. My favorite artworks are the two prints we inherited from my grandma, by an Inuit artist... I forget her name at the moment but I'll come back later and edit.

We also have a really cute Chinese Madonna and Christ print. And my sister's amazing flea market find, a very old and very pretty watercolor of flowers. And my grandpa's painting of an owl! Plus all my drawings and paintings... but those come in last. ha
a lot of paintings... and some sculptures of musical instruments
Abstract is still my favorite.
I've got a bunch of random Jewish/Israeli art, old family portraits, and my own photography hanging on the walls.
I don't have any real art. I have a picture I got on holiday in majorca that I guy using spray paint, newspaper and other things. Really impressive even though a lot of guys do it over there and I do think it looks great.
some sandal wood statues along with old pics
I have some old books from my ancestors. I don't know how mucu these are... but I'm sure those are very important for me and my future family
My wife is an amateur painter. Our house is cluttered with her paintings and half-finished drawings. The walls have her paintings and it is all wood in the house thanks to the frames.
The paintings are added every week with regularity and some are sent for framing which is an expensive proposition.
I sincerely hope that some of the paintings will be sold off at an exhibition my wife is planning to put up by the next month.
However, the walls will once again get cluttered up as she will go on making paintings as a therapy for celiac disease.
bunch of cross-stitches Very Happy but i want to paint my own room with my own design.
chinese scrolls ftw
a technical drawing of a steinway grand piano... i'm an engineer, so it's not completely out of the ordinary... don't ask how much trouble it was to get that drawing mounted and framed though....
We dont have real art only one homemade paining which my mother made herself.
Further we have a few photo's on which me and my two brothers are on.
My friend, who is an incredibly talented artist, has agreed to do some oil paintings of my horse for me. Can't wait to have that hanging on the wall!
I have some landscape and flower paintings hanging on some walls. I got them some time ago from an old stuff market. I also have some nice old chests in wich I keep my jewelry and important stuff.
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