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How does he do it?

I found the YouTube show below completely intriguing. Is anyone familiar with this kind of music and how does the guy do it? You've got to watch the guy's fingers. A total new concept of keyboarding? But how does he do it?
Well as far as I can see he's using a launchpad and some software to play the samples (Ableton?).

Edit: yep.

PS I absolutely hate all of those songs Razz
Easier than you might think - although this guy seems to have got the knack of it. it's VERY useful pads like that for live performances but for production it's mostly useless having that kind of thing - I have a couple of samplers and a kaoss pad (live effects processor) which is very cool, kind of show-offy but realistically for actually making tracks it's kind of pointless when you can just sequence something into a tracker/horizontal sequencer.

I've always been interested in music and computers. Ironically I didn't actually combine them for many years until about 07, I used to produce all my tracks using 100% hardware (and I still completely ignore making sounds with computers aka VSTs). My tactics used to be either an 8 track multitrack recorder (so you record the bass, drums, etc for the whole track on different channels) BUT before that I used a tactic very similar to this but with many pieces of equipment MIDI linked... there's no art in it these days, if you watch the old Prodigy gigs for example he's jumping about twiddling with knobs, buttons and generally just being creative... now it's some boring dude with one laptop sitting there for the whole concert half the time.

When I used to use this sort of tactic it was near impossible to get everything in time, I don't mean switching from element to element of the song (although this is difficult) but actually sampling the damn loops in the first place is difficult... almost your only option especially with old gear is "start" and then "stop" and when you've got to get this stuff down to the millisecond that's not easy. Oh and btw when I did start using computers to produce music I didn't use a sequencer, no that's right... 100% wave editing... in an Audacity type program (try keeping that in time).

This has almost inspired me to get my camera out in the studio, and do a big jam session with lots of equipment. I'm sure I could do something like this Laughing
Josso wrote:
Easier than you might think

Super easy, almost anyone could pull that off. I used to do that with my old computer with the standard typing keyboard or my music keyboard.
All that thing is is a trigger. The buttons trigger different samples/loops.
All it takes is some talent, an ear for song construction, a good sample library, and a damn fine sense of timing (yeah, that's all Wink )

This sort of stuff has been happening for decades (about as long as multi-track recording; thanks, Les Paul!), though the technology has been morphing/advancing to allow for different approaches, layers, polyphony, etc., changing the face of the music created.

Interestingly enough, one of my friends posted this vid on G+ about a week ago. Good stuff, though I don't recognize any of the songs, and I only listened to about 3/4 of it.
Thanks for the explanation Josso, exactly what I was hoping for, without knowing what I was asking. Think I have a better idea of what it is about, and can understand that one has to have the loops in perfect sync for it to work out well.
Josso wrote:
This has almost inspired me to get my camera out in the studio, and do a big jam session with lots of equipment. I'm sure I could do something like this Laughing
That would be awesome! I'd love to see the end result.

Helios wrote:
PS I absolutely hate all of those songs Razz
OK. Noted. I rather liked them though, but I think they are of the kind that by the fourth sitting they will start to grate on your nerves.

What songs would your preference be?
You can do that with virtual dj as well, apart from ableton.
But essentially, it has been explained above.
My friend wanted to buy a similar device from Traktor DJ, to do his DJ'ing.
The capability of doing it, and doing it well, depends how good of a DJ you are, and can sync the music loops with the Beats per minute, and in all essence, please the crowd. Smile
it's a magic, jeje. interesting to know it.
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