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Finally, I can solve the 3x3x3 Rubik cube, but I want to know about what the algorithm does on the background. I am also confused on the last (top) part of the Rubik cube... Can someone please help me... Thank you
the Rubik's Cube is a good puzzle for passing time, but I've seen people getting addicted about it to the extent of solving it while at their workplace or school. I personally don't recommend it.
Try Google search or Youtube for tutorials.
I tried it many times.
But solved one time. Sad

Yeah last top is very difficult.
I'm always stuck at that position.
Finally i'm able to solve the cube, I remember the algorithm and the hands movement. It is now easy, Still I don't know what the algorithm does... I want understand the algorithm.
Are you talking about the last four corners of the last top? or the whole top?

If I remember correctly, for the whole last top part, you have to make a cross of that top's color by using an algorithm. Then there's also an algorithm to interchange the last four corners so that their colors will match, then you can apply the last four corners algorithm to rotate each corner to the desired position.

I lost my rubik's cube :\ though I think I can still solve it.. I hope. It's sort of like a muscle memory thing Very Happy
wish I knew. I had to learn the patterns to do the rubix cube. I can always get the white side, and the rim to be the right colors, but after that I needed the pattern D: i'm whimpy
25 years ago i was adiccted to this one, i was so good, that in that point i just close the eyes and finish solving
mazito wrote:
25 years ago i was adiccted to this one, i was so good, that in that point i just close the eyes and finish solving

Wow, impressive. When I left playing it, i once forgot to solve it. I had to recall it. That is because I don't know what the algorithm does in each steps.
I did know the solution be heart when i was young. Today i can solve 2 / 3 by just looking at it and turn it...
I love it! Over the winter I went to an amusement park and brought it to pass the time while waiting and I actually realized I didn't actively remember how to solve the cube. I spent a few minutes fiddling at it and realized I had it all in muscle memory. If I actively thought about it, I would screw up XD (Though the first two layers are pretty intuitive).

I too have been curious about the last layer's algorithm. It depends on which way you do it? I do the cross on last layer then solve the final corners and then solve final layer.

I think the final step in putting all corners oriented correctly is the most mind boggling.
The cross and solving corners is more of just rotating pieces around one by one but the final orientation of corners is like a movement that affects all corners at the same time so it isn't until you solve all four corners that it goes into place.

I may have to go and think about this more ....
I recently got an ipod and i install an official version of rubiks cube app. It is very different experience playing rubiks cube in it. It helps more to recognize the patteren and understand the algorithm.
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