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Late night/early morning TV

Is it me... or has early morning TV over the years got absolutely terrible. You used to get all the low budget shows purely designed for drunkards, stoners and gamblers, now it's just all advertising. I'm talking about freeview, dunno about what it's like in the US or anywhere else. For example ITV/BBC used to run all night... now it's all "nightview" or advertising nonsense on most channels, even public service channels - WHY DO WE PAY 150 QUID IF THEY AREN'T EVEN 24 HOURS A DAY. Maybe top gear has so much budget now that they have to pay for it by turning the whole of bbc center off and putting on a dvd player for a few hours. They might as well be.
I rarely watch early morning shows, what I do dislike about most shows, including evening is when they repeat the same news over and over again. Sometimes repeating the same scenes over and over again. I like the system where one gets the news say three times a day, and it is really NEWS, not repeats.
Twisted Evil
Ah yes, I've noticed this they will have one clip and basically no updates on the situation just litreally the same story over and over again. I've seen the same 5 minute segement play one clip like 3 times. I rarely do, because of the demise of it, I think if I had a computer plugged into a widescreen in my living room I might never watch TV again.
I guess I am fortunate that in my US viewing area, I have a few channels that in late night run very old shows. Older than I am so new to me. Some even in glorious black and white like Route 66.
Haven't watched transmitted programmes since the digital switchover in my area, ages ago. It's Xbox only for my TV because I didnt bother buying a freeview box to convert to analog.

I never watched the thing anyway, as I get my media from the net, through an amp and decent speakers, on a screen which only shows me what I ask it to.
Other than Sports events I rarely saw Early Morning Shows.
TV around here usually gets shitty from around 2-3 a.m. until about 7 a.m. I've learned to just watch Netflix during those hours if I'm hoping for some entertainment.

And yes, the news channels re-run clips in the night like crazy. Even during the days sometimes! To me what never makes sense though is all the info-mercials....I guess half the crap they try to sell you on there just seems so ridiculous to me I can't ever imagine anyone calling for it. But I guess some people must if they keep airing them...
missdixy wrote:
TV around here usually gets shitty from around 2-3 a.m. until about 7 a.m. I've learned to just watch Netflix during those hours if I'm hoping for some entertainment.
I remember when I was in Vancouver and they used to run shopping channels at that time. Now that was fun to watch, particularly very early on Saturday mornings. I never bought anything, but it was still interesting to watch all the different high-tech products that are available on the market.
Very Happy
I am from a small country but this country is between two big countries India and China its Nepal, a Himalayan country. We have few channels to watch. But we have qualitative channel. We have hardly have a dozen of channels and we watch mainly Indian channels, Hindi language is similar to Nepali so can be understood. I found our channels very good in comparison to Indian. Their channels should be paid higher price but they used to advertise lot, five minutes program and fifteen minutes advertisement. The way of news programs are also not good. BBC also Indian (broadcasted in English from India) so there is also advertisement and costly. Due to long advertisement and short program I hate these channels. I prefer to watch some English movie channels like HBO and its other channels mostly. But I watch these TV shows in day time not at night and early morning.
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