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Frihost pop-up for messages received not working

I don't know whether it is a glitch on my own computer, but none of the "pink" buttons are activated like they usually are when there are posts that have been made after I have visited those forums. It's not a big deal, but I'm just curious how this works? Is it a script or something and is there something that needs to be ticked in my Windows XP to get it to work properly? I also don't get the usual "messages received" pop-up notification when I log-in, or while I'm logged in. Whereas when I'm at work, all of the features work 100%. So my logical conclusion is that there must be something at my home computer that needs to be adjusted.

I also wonder whether that is the same thing that is giving me so much trouble with installing Windows XP Server Pack 3 in my home computer. I'm currently still with Windows XP Server Pack 2. I tried to do that last week, and could not use the logical download feature. I checked that the automatic download was ticked in my system set-up, and did all the things Microsoft suggested, but then gave up, particularly when I started to Google this and found that there are a large number of people who had difficulties with downloading the Server Pack and that the difficulties they encountered were of the lethal kind. My problem is than when I install the Server Pack 3 software (which I downloaded manually from the Microsoft Website) there are pop up messages that say that Microsoft can't copy files, I then get a chance to ignore it, but after a large number of those I have to cancel the installation. My computer is working perfect, except for trying to download Paint.NET two weeks ago and I then learned my Windows XP was out of date. I suspect I'll probably encounter more of these problems and have been told there could be security issues too. I learned however that the Service Pack 3 effects the registries of computers and could conflict with the anti-virus software. It's sort of a very heavy update.

At one stage I followed a Microsoft suggestion to run the "run" services.msc feature and to find the Background Intelligent Transfer Service and select it. I even verified it. And it still did not work. Then yesterday when I went to check up on it, it must have been automatically reset back to not receiving automatic downloads, so there must be something in my settings that is conflicting with automatic downloads from Microsoft. Hence why I can't do the upgrade through the automatic download feature. Even when my settings in CP are set for receiving automatic downloads.

It's a tad early for replacing my hard ware at home, but I'm wondering whether I should do that anyway and get Windows 7. Sounds a bit retrogressive to go to so much trouble to fix one's Windows XP3 when Windows 7 seems to be the more widely accepted OS in that class of OS.
About the first part of your post, I have the "keep me logged in" feature turned off because when I leave it on whilst logging in, I have the same problem as you, deanhills. Confused So now every time I visit Frihost, I have to log in but I like it more this way, so I can check for new messages. Smile I had the same problem on my XP SP3 computer. Confused

About the second part of your post, you should probably make a new topic in the operating systems forum or software forum about this problem. Normally everything that runs SP2 should be able to run SP3 as it is just a "service pack", a pack that contains bug fixes, patches, etc.

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