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php mailing script


i'm searching for a script like this, but i need an extra space to add a picture!
so if someone clicks on submit (verzend in dutch) then the script sends an email to me with all the info and with the picture

can someone help me?

grtz and thx
Couple of questions,

you say the picture, do you mean the same each time or a user defined one. If user defined do you want them to upload this picture or just provide the url of it Question
a different one each time, it's a picture of a person who filles in the form
Well, this is along long story.

1. Configuring mail settings with PHP

For windows
First of all you need to setup a mail server with php. Go to php folder and rename php.ini-recommended to 'php.ini'(without the inverted commas) . Copy php.ini to c:/windows(or wherever you have windows installed). Then open php.ini. Find the following lines:


[mail function]
; For Win32 only
SMTP = (enter your SMTP here)

; For Win32 only
sendmail_from = (enter the complete email address here)

For linux
I don't know what to do for php.ini for linux users, but for mail settings, i think that they just need to let php know about the sendmail program. So typically, a linux configuration should look like:


; For Unix only
sendmail_path = /usr/lib/sendmail -t

2. Sending mail

For php, the function used is mail(to, subject, message); So, if i want to send a message to with the subject as hello and the message as Hi! buddy, the command would look like:


mail("", "Hello", "Hi! Buddy");

These three parameters can also be used as variables, which you can collect from the form using $HTTP_POST_VARS['formname'];

For the image, i'll tell u some other time, as it is really really a bit long and complicated and i've to rush for my coaching classes.

You can get more info here: function list's mail functions
OK, firstly, I have an entire script right here: it can be found under "PHP Email Submission Form" or something of the sort.

As for that image. Would it be OK for a user to send a link of that image? Or is this a program similar to image hosting you want? If that's the case, find a script on for an image uploader, you will find something you want there.
thx alot, i've found the script i needed!

to htmlmaster your banner on you' site, you have to slice it and when you do save for web and then there is a setting where you can delete the white border, if you want, i want to clear it up a bit

grtz & thx
great site htmlmaster. I especially loved the 'pageload' script.... Great tool.
hey, why not just having alook at the many many script libraries for php on the net. I don't mean PEAR. I mean script warehouses with hundreds od thousands of scripts. I'm sure you're gonna find everything you want and you don't need to have a look at the code.

now if you want to LEARN how to do it, just look for tutorials. one query in google gives you paradise.
oke, i will

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