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New celebration day ideas

We already have many of these and seem to get more each year.
In Canada for example they have built up haloween so much that it now exceeds d-day/poppy day in expectations.

Here are some of my suggestions..
What do you think and have you got any ideas ?

Talk to a tramp day:-
These individuals are often very lonely and would appreciate at least one day where people just walk past.

Free driving lesson for non-drivers day:-
There are people who have never owned a car or the associated paperwork yet they probably would like to drive even if it was just 1 day.

Take your mother in law out for inner day:-
Lots of mother in laws are under rated by their son in laws and yet there's probably a lot of love there just waiting to get out.

Now what new celebration days can you think of and what do you think about the above ideas?
Generocity day? Do something to help someone. Some good ideas there.
The End of May Celebration - Which brand of chicken stock should I buy? Should I try hang gliding? Do I really love her? There are so many decisions that can weigh down on everybody, and at some point we have to stop wasting our life on the anxiety of choosing them. On the first of June, the time for mays is over and we have to make our decisions and stick with them.

STFUFFS Friday - There's so much chatter in this world that we can let it overtake us. On the last Friday of each month, let's all remain as silent (physically and on the internet) as possible to dwell on our past month and appreciate the background life that is so often drowned out.

Let's Blow Up Wednesday Wednesday - It's only half way through the week and what better way to, uh, be unafraid to express your emotions and share a moment of bonding with fellow colleagues than to bring a bag of party poppers to work and explode them simultaneously at midday! Show that week who's boss, and that boss who's weak!
Frihost Free House Day - 1 April
Frihost Birthday - 26 April
chasbeen wrote:

Free driving lesson for non-drivers day:-
There are people who have never owned a car or the associated paperwork yet they probably would like to drive even if it was just 1 day.

Please no. I'm already a frustrated driver, and now you've given me a nightmare involving 'new drivers' clogging the roads and driving 10 miles and hour under the limit. Not to mention the accidents. Not to mention the fact that you'd need third party insurance, they'd need valid driver's licenses. Not to mention the consequences for the environment. The less people driving the better. I'd rather lend my bike to someone for a day, and teach them how to ride that.
deanhills wrote:
Frihost Free House Day - 1 April
Frihost Birthday - 26 April

Way to go, dean!
@ chasbeen:
Spend time with an elderly person day.
Many have have nobody left. You may learn something from their years wisdom.
I have been thinking about celebrating the winter and summer solistice's.
I think ProfessorY91's give your bike away for a days a good one. However you should get some detail from the rider before they disappear with your super light $2000 gxz racer made of titanium.
nice. but so many people, so many ideas. we have to celebrate every day. Smile
I got another one!
Accept lifts or sweets from a stranger day

There's not enough trust in the world and this would be a big boost for those wanting to give away all those extra sweets or loads of time to give lifts everywhere.
^ It's called Halloween, at least for the sweets, and late-night Friday taxis for the lifts. Razz
Bungy jumping day
This would increase bravery and anyone not wanting to jump would lose respect.
Of course some guidelines on bravery level should be assigned.
Height: Less than 10 feet BRAVERY LEVEL: Coward.
Height: 10-20 feet BRAVERY LEVEL: Potential but not brave really.
Height: 20-50 feet BRAVERY LEVEL: Brave but don't go around boasting about it.
Height: 50-100 feet of a bridge into water BRAVERY LEVEL: Bronze
Height: 50-100 feet of a building onto concrete BRAVERY LEVEL: Silver
Height: Greater than 100 feet BRAVERY LEVEL: Gold
Height: Greater than 25 feet without a bungy BRAVERY LEVEL: Suicidal.
Holocaust day.

To conmemorate this horrible happening that took place not so long time ago, we could create an anual holocaust where we could put all neonazis to work and then be killed in poisonous gas showers. Very Happy
i will celebrate the anti-day! You do everything backwards...
How about visiting with friends in group? Long tour and picnic are the best for the celebration.
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