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What Qualities do you look for in an MMORPG?

I'm curious. as a long time mmorpg player, i've come to realize there are just certain aspects of each game that I play. So it's those aspects i've come to look for or avoid in each new game that i try.

What are some of the things you lookfor in an MMORPG and What are the things that you avoid?
Here are examples

Starwars - loved the feeling of being in space, hated the break from teh story line of the movies, and hated the fact they rewrote the entire game, right before i cancelled my account.

City of Heroes - Love the simplistiy of game play. Don't care for the lack of powers and costume options to maek your hero truly your own. Don't care for the lvl cap at 50 either.

Ultima Online - Prolly one of my 1st and fav games. Great game, hated the campign of spawns for important items, didn't like the last of a quest driven game.

MxO (matrix online) - loved the versatility of the game. Loved the zoning graphics. loved that the entire city is one map loved that youc an jsut go reload your skills to do what your group needs. hated the lag.

World of Warcraft - Didn't care for the "if you want the best items you have to group for them" mentality. I'm a solo player, if i am forced to group, the game isn't for me. Loved the graphics, loved the story lines, and loved the paradoy of other movies,g ames, and books. Very interesting. Loose the forced group mentality, and this game would set legends.

Everquest II - not having played the first, i figurd i'd give this one a try. I HATED their crafting system with a passion. I'm not that big of a crafter to begin with, but this was nuts. The interface was the same one as in Starwars Online - not fond of it. as was the new gameplay style. Both of which seemed to be a bit unstreamlined. The Graphics were amzing expecially turned up on high with all the bells and whistles. and the quests were semi entertaining.

So here are my opinions and what i look for.. it's gotta have content, and customization opens for my character. It has to be long in game play. Crafting has to be kept so that it's indepth but at the same time easy to grasp. Don't go changign the whoel game up on us afer 2 years, and don't go making a game reliant on player interactions only.
I'm not a very experienced MMORPG player and I've never payed money for one.
But I've noticed on the free games that I've tried that they're often empty and sterile. There are big open spaces with nothing but monsters. The world is huge but there are only very few areas that are actually designed with detail (i.e. a dungeon or a town).
On top of this, there are often not enough satisfying quests to do and most of the time there is practically no story line. The general idea is hang around in an area with monsters and kill as many as you can to go up a level.

Being a passionate single-player-RPGer I get bored of this gameplay very quickly. I don't see the point of an RPG as developing the character. I see developing the character as the method to achieve the goal of the game.

Beacuse I need some other form of motivation (i.e. story-line, quests, detailed environments, etc.) to keep leveling fun I try to pick those MMORPGs that offer the most of these points.

If my view of MMORPGs is totally wrong due to the fact of only playing free ones then please tell me and I might try a game with monthly fees.
I'm not really an mmo fan but if i'm going to play one, the backstory has to be good and the animations have to have some variety.
Community. The community definitelyneeds tobe good. I hate MMO's where you only grind and level up to get new armors, weapons, etc. One example of a game with a great community is Dark Ages ( Some might say the graphics aren't good, but the trade-off is a great community in which people help each other out and befriend everybody. There are only about an average of 500 players online at a time, so its a pretty tight-knit community. It was probably the best MMORPG I have played.

I say give it a try. It's hard to get used to at first, but you quickly learn by asking others.

Sadly, it costs $10 a month (10-day free trial) and I'm too poor to afford it. Sad
Well unfortunately I'm a poor, poor college student. Therefore, the first prerequisite is that it has to be either free or a max of $5 a month. I really would like to play World of Warcraft, but that $15 a month is too much for me. I rarely even buy games in the store anymore, because if I do I might not have any food for a while.

A true classic MMORPG is Phantasy Star Online. I remember back in the good ol' days, when it came out on Dreamcast, it completed my life. It was pure bliss on a 56k line. When it came out on Xbox I bought it again, and spent a good portion of my life playing it when I didn't have school.
Ok so i want to get the general consensus on this right so far.

You'd forsake graphic "wow" for story driven content, a back story, depth, and an indepth quest system.

You also look for a low subscription fee.

So if you found a game, that offered a diversity of character types such as:

for the following examples i'll use a D&D esque' style game
Warrior, Druid, Archer, Ranger, Mage, Sorcerer, Witch, Cleric, Priest, Paladin, Rogue, Bard, Beast Master

and for those there were independent story bound quests, in MULTItude. So there was not one linear path to progress down.

ON top of that the game needs to have depth, to teh story line, so the quests fit in and continue various arc's of the story.

A large world with plenty of detail to explore and interact with.

Ok so if that existed what would you pay a month for it hypothetically?

What if it also included, interactive terrain and objects, and indepth graphics? as well as an extreme high level of customization?

Would you pay 5.00, 10.00, 15.00, 20.00 for your dream game?

In the games you are talkign about, what specifially made them grand? What could have been added to make each one a little better?

These are the answers i'm curious about.
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