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Beware How You Google !!!

I think this is need to be of concern, my suggestion would be to install google toolbar so you would not need to type it manually
or use some browser with google plugin like opera or firefox
Beware How You Google
By Ryan Naraine
April 27, 2005

Updated: Security researchers warn that a one-letter typo in Google's domain name could lead to a massive virus- and spyware-infection attack.

A simple misspelling of Google's domain name could lead to a Web surfer's worst nightmare.

In a new twist to the old practice of "typosquatting," virus writers have registered a slight variation of Google Inc.'s popular search-engine site to take advantage of any users who botch the spelling of the URL. ADVERTISEMENT

The malicious site,, is infested with Trojan droppers, downloaders, backdoors and spyware, and an unsuspecting user only has to visit the page to be at risk of computer hijack attacks, according to a warning from Finnish anti-virus vendor F-Secure Corp.

When is opened in a browser, two pop-up windows are immediately launched with redirects to third-party sites loaded with scripts. One of the sites,, downloads and runs a "pop.chm" file, and the other,, downloads and runs a "ddfs.chm" file, F-Secure said.

"Both files are downloaded using exploits and they contain exploits themselves to run embedded executable files. One of the Web pages of the '' website downloads a file named 'pic10.jpg' using an exploit. This JPG file is actually an executable that replaces [the] Windows Media Player application," the warning reads.
I use the google bar included in firefox, but K is close to L so probably we can write
Nowdays spyware just canīt affect me =)

AND I use the toolbar to search(google, yahoo etc..)
Helios wrote:
Nowdays spyware just canīt affect me =)

AND I use the toolbar to search(google, yahoo etc..)

really? what software do you use (if you use any i.e.)
do you use any anti-virus progs / anti - adware / progs like that?
Shocked googkle, huh... crazy!

Thanks for the warning!
Nowdays spyware just canīt affect me =)

same here i use McAfee very latest virus paterns in all ive not had a virus alert in weeks my firewall is up high and everything.

I donīt know how the computer world is going to look like in ten years.
There are many signs bringing me to the following conclusion:

The only safe place will be the third world. The whole Europe, Usa, and the other continents will have been brought to a total controlled place.

You donīt even need to hiide again, just to limit the access to your files, from evil people, because the gov will already have evry information about you.

So the Antiviruses, and firewalls īs calls are just to limit the access of PRIVATE people to your files.

So what is happening with google is not really a reason to beware, the worse is still coming.

Well, I use so I'm immune. Being Canadian rocks. Even if I wasn't though, I would still use the google search imbedded in Firefox, not to mention my homepage is my google account page. Thats what I would do, make google your homepage.
google has lot's of parked domains in case you'd mispell google and redirect you to the original website... but wow... i didn't know that googkle ain't one of them... thanks for telling us though
oh cool, i think i typed that link on my school's pc before by accident....who told them not to have firefox Razz
James Bond-007
I can't believe people do that...what are they thinking?
Thanks for the headsup man, Ill have to be more careful in the future when typing this in cause I don't really like using toolbars beacause it covers up too much of the screen.
James Bond-007 wrote:
I can't believe people do that...what are they thinking?

they just have nth better to do?
Doesn't really affect me as I use Firefox and some interesting security measures, but it is a good thing that people warn other about things like this.

I have been hit with Melissa and CWS and Trjans all the time until I changed a few things and I assure you it would have been a great help if someone had taken the time to go and warn me then like they do now.

SO, again, thank you for your warning.
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