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Sweet Victory

So for the past month or two I've been working on an idea I had quite some time ago. Basically the concept was to build an internet tv server using an old or unused computer. I spent several weeks tinkering with software and VPN methods until I finally got it working! I'll admit the quality is a bit low because I'm having some trouble with hardware limitations on the server. That is to say, it only has ~450MB or RAM... painful right? Working with this machine reminded me of how much I hated windows XP, and single core processors.

In any case I'm incredibly pleased with the results, and I just wanted to share. Smile

Current stream quality:
vCodec: mpeg
vBitrate: 208
vThreads: 1
aCodec: ac3
aBitrate: 128
Scale: 240:160
(Like I said, very low right now, but if you watch it from afar you can't really tell :p)

TV Server Specs:
2.4 Ghz Single-Core
446.48 MB of RAM
6GB dedicated pagefile hardrive
150GB Primary Drive

MediaPortal TV Server
TVStream Mod
Logmein Remote Control

TV server on the left, my beast on the right.
Haha that's cool mate! The box in the background really adds to the design Razz Just kiddin'.
What's the full spec. of your server?
450MB (I hope you meant bytes and not bits...) is a bit low, yes.
By low quality do you mean that the machine can't process high quality video files and can only play stuff with lower bitrate and resolution?
Well at this point I suspect it to be a RAM issue, but it could just as easily be software related. I'm working with a guy over at mediaportal right now to get a better transcode mod working.

The basic issue is that if I increase the quality anymore I get a lot of buffering and freezing on VLC (what I use client side at the moment). I've tried tinkering with client settings on the buffer size with no success. I've also monitored the CPU load, and the network load, neither of them reach max during the stream (or anywhere close for that matter). So from what I know, I'm assuming its a problem with the transcoder having to run off the pagefile because it's out of RAM. Given that the pagefile is running on an old IDE drive (lol).

Updated original post with specs and software.
now I just need a good vlc app for my new hp touchpad! Very Happy
great going aredon.
When you say tv server... you mean an internet streaming server right? or a network streaming server?

I think vlc can stream videos across the network and internet, and mainly you would require a good vocoder, I guess, but mainly I think it would be the processor and the ram.

Instead of using windows, have you considered using linux?
They use much less resources, but you would probably need to get into the command line for more power on less resourceful machines.
good sir my struggles were with creating a working internet tv server. A networked one is relatively simple for anyone that has gig lan. An internet one has far more hurdles to jump. Dynamic dns, bandwidth limits, possible isp throttling, ping, etc.

I am currently using vlc as the client side, there is no simple way that I know of to make vlc accept channel/stream change requests from a remote client.

you're also correct about hardware limitations, this tv server is very old and needs some love, but alas I have no spending money these days. So the single core will just have to do!
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