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New Equipment Wishlist

Asap170 in his Phone Carriers and Data Packages thread in the General Chat Forum mentioned two new 700 USD computers - I'd love to learn more about them Asap, what are the specifications? It also made me think that perhaps I need to go for some new equipment too. Instead of going traveling this summer invest some funds in new electronic toys/upgrades?

My wishlist is something along the following lines, and maybe you could sort me out with better ideas. I have an assembled computer, which I'm OK with although if I'm going to go for an upgrade with my LCD and change to Windows 7 (from XP), I'd have to upgrade the computer. The LCD is still OK, but it is 15 inch Samsung from 2002. I tend to stick with equipment until it's completely redundant or in tatters. I did replace my computer in 2008, but only when the one before that had got past its limits with adding RAM. But the LCD I've kept. My TV is a fairly new 26 inch LG monitor that can double up as a computer screen. So I was wondering whether I should replace my old Samsung 15 inch with the LG 26 inch computer, then get a Sony 36 inch perhaps with a nice surround sound system. I love great sound. Maybe I can then set my computer up as a second TV as well. I'd have to work my way through a learning curve on that however.

Anyway, I'm just wondering whether anyone else has any ideas for new equipment or a wishlist of their own? Also what would the specifications be for new state of the art computers? I'd like it to be a multi-media computer as I do plenty of photo editing, as well as like a really decent resolution screen. What sound equipment do people use with computers? I've got Altec speakers with a woofer that I'm still very OK with, but maybe someone has an idea for better equipment? I've had these Altec speakers since 2002 as well. They're still as good as new. Very Happy
How nice of you to start a thread because of my post!

I shall get right to the point for you Dean. I bought a laptop and a desktop (All in bits and pieces since I built it.)

Laptop Specs:

    Manf.: Dell
    Name: Vostro 3500
    Operating System: Windows 7 Professional
    System Type: 32-bit
    Warranty: 3 year next day on-site
    Processor: Intel Core i5 M430 @ 2.27Ghz
    RAM: 4GB
    Monitor: 19" (widescreen)
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 310M
    Hard Drive: 320GB
    Wireless:DW1520 Wireless-N Half-Mini Card
    Ports: (1)HDMI, (1)VGA, (3)USB (1)eSATA (1)Card Reader, (1)Reader/Writer CD-ROM Drive, (1)Ethernet Port
    Others:(1)Fingerprint scanner, (1)Integrated Webcam(this webcam was extremely good quality. I was told by multiple people of that by doing video chats and stuff.), (1)6-Cell Battery (I think it is 6cell not quite sure.)

The other computer specs are coming soon. I have to finish writing a program first...
That looks like a piece of art and thanks for all the specs. Am looking forward to the other computer as well. Are you using both at the same time?
Very Happy
deanhills wrote:
That looks like a piece of art and thanks for all the specs. Am looking forward to the other computer as well. Are you using both at the same time?
Very Happy

I use the laptop everyday. Basically use it for like 12 hours a day... and the other one is my server so technically yes.
Server Specs:
Operating System: Ubuntu 10.11
System Type: 32-bit
Warranty: I am my own warranty
Processor: Intel Core i5 760 @ 2.80Ghz
Monitor: 21" (widescreen)
Graphics: Some random card
Hard Drive: 1TB
Ports: (1)HDMI, (1)VGA, (1)DVI (8)USB (1)Reader/Writer CD-ROM Drive, (1)Ethernet Port

Sorry it took me so long to get this up there for you Dean.

[Apparently BBCode isn't working properly in this post o.O]
Those are specifications I would like for a new computer as well. If I don't get myself on the road to traveling this summer I may use those funds for a nice computer. 21 inches for the LCD sounds right on. What make did you choose for the LCD or is it a monitor?
Very Happy
It's a monitor. I had it in stock. I also have a 26in Flat screen HDTV hanging on my wall in my crazy small room that I have a 15ft VGA cable for.
Asap170 wrote:

Warranty: I am my own warranty

Navigator wrote:
Asap170 wrote:

Warranty: I am my own warranty


It's true. And with it running 24/7 and rarely being shutdown my hardware is gonna go bad sooner or later.
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