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I would rlly rlly love a cat but my parents keep saying NOO!!!! any ideas on how to get them to say YESS?? Sad
Wait until you have your own place??
no. im not that old.... im only like 13. im not gettin my own place for a while
Baby lynx ....

KenzRxUrSx wrote:
no. im not that old.... im only like 13. im not gettin my own place for a while

That... that's kinda the point.

I love cats too, when I was young(about your age), my parents forbid me to pick stray cats. I finally got them to say yes when they saw I was responsible with school and my belongings. Maybe, if you show them you are responsible, like you keep your things neatly piled, etc. they would allow you to have a pet cat. I think they are hesitant because they think you won't be able to care for it or clean after its poo Laughing it smells real bad.haha

Just be responsible and continue to ask them for it. They'll eventually say yes Very Happy
A cat can be a nice pet, but you will have to work to maintain them, as they are quite independent creatures.
They like to claw on stuff like carpets and furniture sometimes, and hate to be locked up, so there is ample care required for some cats.
Some cats also like to go outside and come back whenever they feel like it.
But yeah, if you really want a cat, you'll have to show that you are responsible enough and can take care of it, and try to ensure that no damages will be done.
You might have to pick up after it does the kitty litter, and then there's the cat food, which a lot of people find expensive these days.
But good luck on your CATastrophe. Laughing
Yeah, like the other posters have said - having a cat is a big responsibility. How big is your house? Will your cat have enough room to play and run and have fun? Are you sure you will be able to take care of it, even on the days you don't feel like it?

I also would love to have a cat or even three, but my apartment is too small and too high. I don't think a cat would like to be kept in a small apart for many years. This thought keeps me from getting a cat.
I agree with p3p07 Smile
Stay responsible at home and at school, and your parents eventually will say yes Smile
When I was a kid my parents didn't let us have a cat/dog. They did however let us keep an aquarium, and after 2-3 years of showing responsibility by taking care of the fish, they let us have a cat. So you might want to consider asking them for fish.

Another thing is to find out what exactly are their reasons for refusal and addressing them specifically. For instance maybe they don't want an animal that sheds, in which case you can consider getting a Sphynx cat.
Find someone with cats (male[un-neutered] and female), become friends, wait for the cats to have babies (The how isn't for this topic!) and wait to be offered one.

When (not if!), you are, make sure it is offered in a way that it is bought to the house and your parents get to see how cute it is and stroke it themselves. Once asked, bat your eyelids at your parents and wait for them to cave!

Offer to pay for it as well through an increase in pocket money if you get it, to improve your match skills or whatever good ideas you can think of. Remember, the earlier you are responsible for your own money, they better you will be later on in life. To calculate the extra increase you will require, find a cheap and expensive alternative for each product (food, treats, litter, etc). Charge/claim for the expensive version and actually purchase the cheaper alternatives. This is showing entrepreneurial spirit on top of your fiscal education and animal welfare lessons! All through allowing you to have a cat Smile
* 7 oz mashed sardines
* 1/4 cup dry non-fat milk
* 1/2 cup wheat germ

Cat Food Recipe Directions:
Mix ingredients. Roll into 24 small balls. Placed on greased cookie sheet. Flatten with a fork. Bake at 350 degrees until brown.
We hope your cats enjoy this yummy cat food recipe!
i also had a cat when i was cat was very beautiful with white colour.she had very nice attitute with every one.i miss my cat very much
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