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artemis fowl

hmmz i like artemis fowl (tts lame) but i do like it. hhe haha. anyway it is soo cool tt artemis fowl whereby he is soo rich haiz wish i could be like him lor
I've read Artemis Fowl 1. It was OK. My friend got it as a present and his aunt told him that it was giving competition to Harry Potter, though I don't think so. They really cannot be compared, in my opinion. It was a fun read though. Especially about the protagonist being the anti-hero or anti-good. (I would have said "... protagonist being the villian or evil, but Artemis isn't exactly that now is he?

However, the climax wasn't as good as I would have hoped. They simple slept their way through the fairy bomb?
I've read all of the Artemis Fowl books. The first one was GREAT in my opinion, I loved the way artemis was portrayed as the anti-hero, and the whole thing with the fairies. The sequels kind of sucked though because the fairies were not new and creative anymore, and it was obvious who the good and bad guys were (in the first book it was difficult to known who was the hero, and what would happen, but after that you *know* the good guys are going to win).

I'd recommend the first book, but not the others.
yes it was really great. al the parts like fairy and the supernatural. it doesnt write like those fake things but like so life like. however the flaw is that no movie was done on that book. if there was it would really be fantastic can even be compared with harry potter.
Guys, the next book is out

Artemis Fowl - The Lost Colony.

Anybody read it ?

How is it - Please don't post any spoilers ..... Razz

I'm gonna go read that after my exams ....
How many books are there?
I think I have read three of them or something, and the first one is the best for sure. One day, when I get the time, I am going to read it in English as well, as I have just read it transelated into Norwegian Sad

Compare it to Harry Potter? - Never! It's like comparing The Lord of The Rings to Sofie's World, it just won't work...
I love these books, they just kept getting better and better.
I have read all 5 of the Artemis Fowl series and i found that Artemis Fowl 3: the Eternity Code was by far the best. I also love how the author changes Artemis's character from a evil little genious to a normal adolescent caring teenager. Sorry did I say normal. Forget it, he is nowhere near normal. I mean he's the smartest person on the planet.
I also like Artemis cause he is just so ingenious. The only thing i don't like is that there are going to be no more of them Sad
Well there is going to be one more, as for the latest book, that girl was hardly a genius, in my opinion I am at least as smart as she is and I am 12 too.
I have read the first three, and have the last two ordered. They are great books for me, because I like to read them after having to read complicated literature for college. It helps clear my mind with an easy read. If you have children, or just want a very light, fun read, pick them up. A lot of them can be had for like five dollars hardcover (check the bargain sections).
I bought the first book for a christmas present for a friend of mine...but I don't know if she will like it. My friend is 12 years old, do you think the first book will be interesting to her? What age are the people that are reading this book? I'm in my 20's and haven't really heard much about it. Thanks
I've read all of them except the last one. I heard it's the best but I haven't gotten hold of it yet. I really hope there are sequels, too.

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