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Does anyone use Bart PE

Hey just in case no one has heard of it or used it before Bart PE is awesome. What it is, is a preinstalled environment. Basically it burns a cd, and you can use it like a OS, but booting from the cd. This is useful, if you have a virus destroyed hard drive, a hard drive with no OS, or a hard drive that for some reason doesn't allow you to boot from it. Now you can boot Bart PE and then salvage any/all your files from the hard drive. The best part is its FREE. You can find it here
Interesting. I might have to try this. Its too bad it doesn't work with Win98 as I have some old games I was hoping to run.

As a Linux alternative, there are many Live Linux CD distributions that you can download, burn, and run "out of the box". Knoppix is the most commonly known distro.
Yes, I have tried it and it works great! I wish it was around when win98 came out because that would have been handy. Now, with XP, I think it really is a godsend for those who want to put a live version of the OS on a CD. Either for recovery purposes or a way to have a customized version of XP "ready-to-go", it's like having a ghost image of your OS that you can use on any XP-compatible PC all with your favorite utils and apps. Being able to brand it with your name is even better than seeing the M$ moniker throughout the OS!
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