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What will i do?

What will i do now?
i really miss my ex
please help me .. Sad
what happened?? A lot of the time you cant help what has happened in the relationship and how the relationship ends up. Perhaps if you could tell us what happened we could make you feel better Smile ??

however keep in mind that time will usually do the trick with these things. Youve got to keep your mind off him/her though. It's not healthy to keep thinking about it... I hope this helps! Good luck

Don't try and ignore the pain. Endure it and learn.
@ bswarrior06

Depending on the situation. You need to learn from you're past mistakes and move on. It's hard to let go of a relationship that you have been with but that is where you learn.

When a guy/girl breaks up, It's not the end of the world. It just means that you two need to learn each other more before having a real relationship together.

Try being friends and getting to know each other more closely, than think about having a relationship only if the time is right for the both of you.
take the experience and use it to build yourself up. (: i know it takes time to get used to the fact that the relationship's over, but you have to learn to let go as well. once you've mastered that you're gonna feel a sense of maturity and strength. it feels good. (: you don't have to forget to let go either. never regret a moment you spent with your ex, but don't let it hold you down and prevent you from moving forward.
thanks guys. Smile
"Listen to you're heart when its calling for you..."

Sorry. Cheese. I know.

Now seriously. My first question is, what do you miss about your ex? Do you miss her as the person she is, or do you miss the good times you shared together? Sometimes when we break up with a person we get confused between the two because frankly; we're lonely and upset about the break up. I would suggest doing some soul searching before jumping into anything. Calling them up could seem like an easy solution and make you feel better, but could only be temporary and you'll end up breaking up again for the same reasons. This could result in an endless cycle.

So like I said before, listen to your heart/your soul/your higher self. It always knows whats best for you.

Even though the ego likes to think it does. Wink
I just went through the same thing, it's hard to have a relationship with someone and lose them to a break up. I've been going through some self analysis looking at my mistakes and how things went between us.

Nothing you can do, you can't make someone love you that doesn't, and no matter how much you miss them they aren't coming back, or at least not from my experience.

Women are strange from my perspective, and giving them what they want never seems to make them happy Confused
Ehh dude I really miss my girlfriend and i think she don't wants me ;(
maybe you can go out with friends ,work hard,learing,travelling etc.make yourself busy and let yourself have no time to thinking it.
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