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Bedroom etiquetes??

I may have mispelt etiquetes,

What rules should we follow in our girlfriends bedroom, is my question.

This may come up as follow this rules post!!
just be yourself, think a little less with your dingdong and a little more with your brain and you should be ok Wink
the rules.... honesty and respect.. but that applies all the time.. not only in the bedroom.

Make sure she is happy and treated the best all the time.
Bedroom is personal. So knock before you enter. Also try to relax yourself and your GF. Try to have a interesting pillow talk before you get asleep. The privacy of the bedroom should always be respected.
Da Rossa
Adiiforu wrote:
I may have mispelt etiquetes,

What rules should we follow in our girlfriends bedroom, is my question.

This may come up as follow this rules post!!

I would agree with the first replier to follow the guideline of "being yourself", but, in the first moments of a relationship, it may be convenient to be very cautious. Then she'll know you bit by bit, so you can feel comfortable. Not a big deal. Ok, don't pass wind and stuff.
You have to be comfortable with each other from day one and ensure that you are as free as you can be.
Your post isn't clear about what the situation is (you might be in her bedroom visiting, you might be in a girl's room after spending the night with her -- let's not get carried away but hey, it might happen Smile --, etc.).

As for the others, I'd advise to behave like a gentleman at all times. That said, if she expects you to take her into your arms and kiss her passionately, you should be able to detect it and to do it. (I never could detect it for should and never could muster up the courage to do it, but that's another story Smile)

Best of luck!
Are you talking sexual intimate etiquette, or just general visiting etiquette?

If we are talking intimate etiquette then here is what I say. Talk to them, find out what they like, how they like to be touched, what sort of play excites them and gets them ready. Don't be afraid to tell her what you like.

Keep her pleasure first on your mind and make sure she enjoys herself as many times as you can get her to before you get to enjoy yourself.

Make her as comfortable as possible, and treat her to as much pleasure as you possibly can.

To me that is bedroom etiquette.

Now if your deal is you are a guy just visiting a girls bedroom, keep your hands to yourself until she shows you that she wants you to move on her, and then oblige her. But don't push at it, and try to force it.

Just my opinion! Cool
I really dont care too much about it..

I mean, if I am in a bed with a woman, that means that I already know her enough to just be myself, right?

So go ahead, hug her, fart (lol XD), tickle her, make jokes... w/e...

you just have to be funny Cool
Bedroom is personal. So give your girlfriend a persoanl space in each and every activity

Be patient and relaxed because if you try to hurry up things, it will surely lead to some problem in your girl's mind about whats going on in your mind.
So, don't give her that chance to think such about you.
Let her take her time for things you wish to do with her but make sure do it her way.
Let her start, just hint her about the things.

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