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Want to increase website traffic

Kindly suggest me some tips on website traffic. I want to increase the traffic of my website and for this I am using couple of link building techniques but it is working. Kindly suggest me some effective ways to promote the website.
You need to have a link back to your site on all the Forums you use. Especially FriHost. I often visit sites of other FriHost members..

If you can make a post that has a direct relevant link back to a page on your site then do so..

Join Forums that may be interested in your Site. Frihost has many forums that you could try this on..


Google Loves Links back to sites

Google Loves Site maps.

Content is King
Nice tips.
Thanks. Very Happy
Just make your website be known to other people. Link backs is good. Do off-page and on-page search engine optimization. But most importantly, make your website worthy of visiting.
Have a Traffic Goal..

Once you do get traffic you still have to work hard to keep it.

I have to edit about 20 pages and add about 8 pages per day just to maintain my spot. in the Alex Rating

Alex just gives you an idea of where you are. My goal is to get into the top 100,000. Having a goal is very motivational.
Don't forget about SERP Rankings too.
Doing keyword research would really help a lot. Cool
I just did a serprank search on my site with the key words

place css code and was on the front page of all 3 lol.. That is one cool tool..

If only the rest of my site was like that.... Smile

Perhaps one day....

thx for the link
@Possom I envy you. How long did you have this site before you reached above 500,000.
loremar its been a struggle

How long did you have this site before you reached above 500,000. URL

Created on..............: 2006-10-26

But only within the last 2 years have I really worked on it. And even then I've redone the whole site.

Even now the site has too many empty pages. So there is plenty of work to do. But now I have an over all vision of my site and am working hard to add pages..

There are 670 pages I want 1000. Once I get 1000 I will concentrate on redoing the pages that are already there while adding fewer pages..

Its also very difficult to get below the magic 500,000 position.. But tons of fun.
Can we increase website traffic in natural ways ?
Getting traffic and promoting website both are different things. Promoting website means spread your site on other sites as much as possible. And getting traffic is that though you have promoted your site less but that is in such a way that attract more people and you get traffic. For promoting website directory submission is the best. And for getting more traffic provide useful information which has some meaning and be used to people.
You have got a good start by owning a website and using Adwords.
Here are other useful, proven and effective ways to increase traffic to your web store:-
1. Article (write about your stuff and leave behind your website address).
2. Social networking (network with relevant sites that have many fiends and fans).
3. Forum posting (start a new thread or comment on relevant topics and leave behind your website address).
4. Blog comments (start a new thread or comment on relevant topics and leave behind your website address).
5. Video sites (create either a simple or sophisticated video about it and promote your videos online).
6. List of High Traffic Free Classifieds Directory or Free Community Classifieds (get a good recommended list as per professional webmasters advice, aim / prioritize your publicity in biggest or largest classifieds).

Hope this help you!! Smile
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