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Aero Themes No Longer Working in Windows 7 Pro

Following an upgrade to Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 Professional, the Aero Themes no longer working correctly on my PC.

Windows 7 Live Thumbnails - There is no preview appearing when I move the mouse pointer over an open program in the taskbar

Windows Flip 3D - The "Windows Key-Tab" combination no longer brings up the panoramic type view for switching between open windows/programs.

Aero Peek (hovering over the show desktop to the right of the taskbar) no longer previews the desktop.

I cannot find where to turn these features back on. The troubleshooter for Aero suggests that Mirror Drivers don't support Aero and that I should turn off programs that use these drivers, but gives absolutely no indication as to what programs might be causing the issue. Nothing has changed as far as software is concerned on my PC since these effects were working, except for the Service Pack upgrade. So effectively Microsoft are saying their software is incompatible with itself. Typical useless Microsoft.

Is anybody able to help?

EDIT: Does anybody have Aero working on a PC with LogMeIn installed? It appears LogMeIn uses a mirror driver
can you delete the service pack?
Check for the Themes settings. Go to Personalize and see whether the Theme is set into Windows 7 Basic Theme or into other themes, because the above said features are not compatible with the Basic theme. And are you sure that the Graphics card is working properly..? Try running a Maintenance Check Scan. That should help i guess.

If nothing gets into work uninstall the update or roll back to the previous stage through the Backup option..
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