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The internet is so UNsecure!

If there's one thing I think I've learnt from watching lulzsec (whatever the world that name is even supposed to mean) hack random websites, is that the internet is so unsecure. According to the a-team (another group of hackers), lulzsec weren't even that great at hacking (see: yet they did manage to cause havoc to the CIA, Sony, and various other corporations. How secure is our data really when government agencies can't even stand the efforts of a group of teenagers?
If you are interested in this topic, liljp617 provided us with some interesting facts about this in the Sega Website Hacked thread in the World News Sub-Forum.
Ive heard of a team of hackers that disable randoms sites in no time. We need better protections Sad
I don't know a lot about website security, I've never done any 'hacking' myself, but I've been to many corners of the internetz and read stuff, so here's what I think:

Unfortunately not many people know much about security and protection (this can be expanded to real life as well, not just the interweb).
As far as I know many people use pre-programmed content management systems and care only to update from time to time - they don't dive into the code trying to spot security holes.
Of course there are people who work on those systems to keep them secure, but still those people aren't everybody. Those who write their own CMS often lack the community which is usually behind a large popular CMS,
however the security of this private CMS might surprise hackers, it might be unique or at least rare enough to surprise them.
Then there are governmental sites. I fear their security holds on the wide shoulders of "you better not mess with the government, son" - i.e. most people fear to 'mess' with 'those' sites... heck knows what may happen if their hacking attempt fails (or succeeds - dunno what's worse!).

Everything is hackable, eventually. Too bad there are those 'black-hat' hackers who do it just to ruin, and not to improve security! Sad
nowhere is secure.
loyal wrote:
If there's one thing I think I've learnt from watching lulzsec (whatever the world that name is even supposed to mean)

My guess would be ...

Lulzsec ->
Lulz sec ->
LOL sector ->
Laughter area ->
Funny bone ->
Amusing boner ->
Dick joke ->

Lulzsec are dicks. Evil or Very Mad
well then dont jail them after catching them instead employ them to hack secure websites such as bank websites and give them the chance to hack a replica of the website on the same code-base so that the programmers of the website can know the places the security is weak Of-course this has a lot of cons included but this is better than jailing them which will result useless or even worse , they can get more worse (like learning other crimes from their jail mates or such). This way , they will be useful the society
I heard the real reason why lulzsec disbanded is because they were found out or almost found...I guess they were right when they said they'd continue until they'd be caught. can such destructive use of their skills be the only thing they can think of doing? Where's the empathy?
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