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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Does anyone have this disorder? I feel like I do and am embarrassed to get diagnosed. I've taken tests online and pretty much have self diagnosed myself. I'm always doing 'ritualistic' things like checking the oven a certain number of times, touching hot items a certain number of times, checking the door a certain number of times, touching the windows all over the house a certain number of times. If I see something on the floor and I don't want to pick it up I won't but then I start thinking bad things will happen if I don't pick it up. Any help or advice?
Usually these kind of things are good habit but exercised too much. As they say--Too much of everything is bad. If you are sure that you are doing that EXTRA but cannot help to control it then you should visit some professional counciler. Since you know what is wrong with you and is keen to rectify it, it is very easy for the counciler. Maximum 2-3 counciling will be sufficient. My sister was over-reactive in cleanliness. She was aware of it and it took only two counciling and discussion with a professional counciler to rectify it. Now she is bothered about cleanliness but not to that extent.
Well because I feel like it's not that bad at this point I'm not going to see counseling. But because I know exactly what I do I can easily see if its getting worse and then I will address it. Thank you for advice I didn't think it could be healed that quick.
I think the first advice is great. i believe we all go through one sort of thing or the other.
when you hold conversation with people you will be surprise how many of us go through these sort of things.
Counselors are there to help us get through unnatural stuff, unexplained stuff, and you know what they say problem is half solved when you recognition that there is one in the first place.
so in this case its easy for the counselor to do his or her work.
but in the mean time just take it cool, its not the end of the world.
everything is gonna be OK. just take the necessary steps advised you will be good.
i will also take that step if mine become too much to bear.
at the moment its just normal thoughts once in a while. i hope it stays that way though.
stay blessed! Cool
Is biting nails considered as OCD?
menino wrote:
Is biting nails considered as OCD?
I doubt it. I'd think it is more of a habit that has to be unlearned, if it bothers the person who does the nail biting.
menino wrote:
Is biting nails considered as OCD?

Its a very common habit and occurs usualy when a person is tensed. However this is a (bad)habit that can create stomach disorder and health problem. The residues deposited under nail contain all sort of things.

Most of the OCDs are good if exercised with less frequency, but most of the habits are usualy bad Smile
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