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What headphones you use?

Do you use headphones while listening music on computer?

Do you use headphones while making music?

Do you have a favorite headphones?
Sometime I will use. When I hearing to music.
Normal headphones not HQ.
I have had two mid/high-range earbuds.

The first one I got were the Klipsch S4 until those broke at my own fault. The next pair I got were the Bose in-ear earbuds(Don't remember proper name.) Let me tell you this; with Bose you are purely paying for the name. They had great bass but for about $30 cheaper I got the best pair of earbuds I've ever heard. Constantly reading reviews about the Klipsch S4 people always compare them to headphones of 3 times its price and I would recommend them to anyone.
When on the move, I'm using the headphones that went with my Philips GoGear when I purchased it. Smile
lovescience wrote:
Do you use headphones while listening music on computer?

Do you use headphones while making music?

Do you have a favorite headphones?

I recently bought new headphones. My friend also got them, so I followed.
Sennheiser HD-238 Precision.
Great bass, the sound is warm but not smudgy. They are very comfortable and quite cheap.
The build can be more robust, and the cable can be thicker, but I pay for the sound and not for the build quality if I buy headphones for home.

I do use headphones while making music sometimes, but usually I use monitor speakers.
Bose headphones are great. I didn't like them at first, but once you get used to how they fit in your ears - it's hard to use crappy headphones again.
I use a $50 pair of headphones for my laptop and then cheap pairs for my Zune (Mp3 player). The reason is because I usually break them really easily when listening to music and stuff mobile.
I just use the ones that I got with my phone.
95% of the time that I use headphones they are literally the cheapest pair of earbuds I can find in the nearest shop that sells them. I find them entirely adequate, and I listen to music (mp3s or from games) pretty often. I guess my hearing just isn't that sensitive?

The other 5% of the time I use a pair of massively bulky, USB-connected headphones that came with a built-in soundcard. The sound range is somehow less than my cheapy buds and I get very mild buzz from them, but they provide okay surround sound for watching DVDs on my laptop.
Senheiser HD-201. They were really cheap when I got them and they are pretty comfortable.
I've been using Sony MDREX32LPB buds for the past two years or so. All in all I'm pretty happy with the frequency response and clarity and the comfort. Pretty decent buds overall.

For amateurs, SkullCandy Hesh is really useful (and amazing for personal use). If you want to go for something more professional, I would say Bose QC, they're topnotch.
I own a pair of beats by Dr.Dre. i got em as a present but i have to admit, they're great for when i produce music. i love em to death, but there are a lot more affordable ones that are amazing too ... i know Audio Technica has a really awesome pair thats less that half the price of beats by dre.
I don't use expensive earphones because I break them all the time,
In the computer at home I have Silver Line XT headphones.
With my laptop I use cheapest Pannasonic I ever seen....
Do you use headphones while listening music on computer?
No, I use it only when listening music on iPod or iPhone.

Do you use headphones while making music?
Yes, it really helps me to hear things much clearer.

Do you have a favorite headphones?
I don't have a favorite one, but I'd prefer it to be wireless. [That's only when I make music]
Varies, according to whether or not the latest pair I bought have survived up until now. Unless I'm doing proper audiovisual work, it's just a $5 set.
I just use public phone lol hehe , i use nokia
I use original Sony headphones. They are really nice to have, and provide great quality stereo sound. They are not very expensive too, and are an investment that is sure to bear fruit. They have a prolonged life span and provide high quality sound at low costs.
You may use Apple Headphones too, as they also provide good quality sound. But they are comparatively expensive, but as I said earlier, an investment that is sure to provide returns for long. I'd be highly privileged if this info helped you. Smile
I use Frontech Original J series headphone Razz
At the moment i'm just using the HTC ones I got with my phone, although I have in the past used the JVC gummy headphones as these are quite comfortable.
I use MDR-XD200 from Sony, they are really good mid-range head phones, nice quality of sound and nice durability, the wire is also really looong
I have a pair of lightweight foldable open back Sennheiser PX100 headphones that I absolutely love.
I use the standard Sony Ericsson headphones, as I use an old C902 as a music player device.

The sound quality is great but simply not loud enough.
Bose. I used to not like them, but got used to them fairly quickly. They have GREAT bass boost and are light weight. The only thing I don't like is how easily the cord gets tangled, but honestly I have never found a pair of headphones where this doesn't happen.

Also, the case that comes with it is really nice.
Bose headphones if you want to have an ultimate musical experience.
Sounds like their motto.
Yes, could use headphone for making music.
If just enjoy music, without headphone could be better.
Sennheiser. Very high rated one. Really happy with it, don't need anything else. Absolutely perfect sound.
magnustoday wrote:
Bose headphones if you want to have an ultimate musical experience.
I must definitely try these. I don't often use headphones, but I'd imagine this would be a great treat when one is traveling.
I use a Philips headphone/microphone.
mgeek wrote:
I use a Philips headphone/microphone.

Same here. It is a very simple one, but works just fine for me. I'm thinking of buying a new, over-ear type. Any tips would help me. Very Happy
I recently bought a pair of Roccat Kave 5.1 headphones. Not the best hi-fi headphones out there, but they are pretty decent for listening to music and playing games. I wouldn't use them to produce music though... in fact I wouldn't use headphones at all to produce music. A ggod pair of a quality nearfield monitors are best suited for this task!
Now giving Sennheiser a go, they are ok, in my view. Hope it will be like that after 1 week and more.
I use Sennheiser headphones
On the go, I use these with my phone:

Soundbot SB240s. These have been rebadged under a bunch of different brand names (Soundbot, Taotronics, Arctic, etc.), but it's actually a really good design. I got them for $17, and they sound better than one would expect for $17 (certainly better than the earbuds bundled with iPods and smartphones). They're wireless, have a noise cancelling microphone, really good battery life (I'd guess around 20 hours), have phone/music controls built in, and, best of all, they don't fall off when exercising. Very Happy

On my computer, I use the JVC HA-RX700. It's like $35 normally (I got it for much less), and pretty much among the best you can get in the price range (along with, say, the Panasonic HTF600). They're very well built and hugely comfortable (they can get hot, but that's typical of closed ear headphones). Sound quality is magnificent. The lows, in particular, are extremely good: clean without drowning out the rest of the range. If you're into rock music like me, you might have some issues with slightly weak mids, but it's so much better than others in this price range, it's hard to fault. The main point is that the lows can actually compete with $100+ sets. And then there's the fantastic soundstage (that can be improved even more with a simple foam mod).
Mostly Beyerdynamic DT-100
I'm using some cheapo Samsung earphones I got with an old phone. They aren't the best at sound quality, but they're ok for listening to audiobooks, and are pretty rugged. I plan on buying some sports earphones in the future after the current pair dies... but never headphones. Not my thing.
AKG K 240 - the best studio gear forever.
I had Sennheiser, now I temporarily use stuff from Pioneer.
I have a pair of Modal earbuds, I really enjoy the quality of them. I think they were $30 ish, not very sure.

What separates these from other ones is the fact that there are in fact magnets in them, and the two buds easily sticks together. Also the cord is very firm and doesn't tangle easily which I love.

The sound quality is very good, I can hear the bass very well.
For gaming - Razer

For sound music - Bose
I am using Samsung head set
i just used the free from apple iphone but i like the JBL headset... but it is so expensive.
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